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How to use VR headsets with glasses

vr headset and glasses
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Virtual reality is the next evolution of gameplay whose incredible experience immerses you in a whole new world. Until recently, we tried to get into the game using the screen, the emphasis on "tried". No matter how big a monitor you have and how curved it is, it will never come anywhere near virtual reality, where YOU are actually playing the game, not just controlling your character. If you've been thinking about buying a VR hedset, you might be wondering if you can play if you wear prescription glasses.

A lot of people who wear glasses feel that virtual reality can't be for them. Some of them have never tried this, while some others have tried some of the mobile VR headsets that are a little lower quality and are now convinced that VR is just a distant dream.

Don't worry, the creators of the VR hedset thought of us, and they came up with a couple of solutions to solve our troubles and enable us to immerse ourselves in the world of virtual reality without problems.


A cheaper option of your problems is a spacer for glasses, or "glasses spacer". They are designed to attach between the hedset itself and the foam that clings to your face, effectively deepening the inside of the hedset by a few millimeters.

Hedsets like Quest 2 (and Meta's new Meta Quest Pro) and HP Reverb provide eyewear spacers in a variety of sizes, so you don't have to worry if your glasses are a little bigger. Moreover, there are separate companies that do exclusively miscellaneous various attachments for hedsets, companies such as: VR cover, KIWI, AMVR, SUPERUS, etc. Whatever sequel comes to mind, chances are they're selling it. The ability to receive shipments around the world definitely works in favor.

The most reliable is to buy supplements through their official website, but you can also find their products on Amazon on Ebay.

Prescription lenses

In case the eyeglasses coils do not help you, there is another option. Each relevant hedset (team Quest line, Reverb G2, PIMAX, Valve Index, etc.) gives you the option of changing the lenses of the hedset itself. Which means that if you have a slightly larger budget, you can incorporate prescription lenses into your hedset and use it without glasses.

Since creating a prescription lens for a VR hedset is a rather delicate process, you can currently buy lenses in only one place: VR Optitian.

The reason it's a bit more expensive is because; The higher your dioption, the more expensive the total price will be. The price can vary from 65 to 200+, depending on the strength of the diopter. However, the reviews on the Internet are more than satisfactory. No one complained about them, only maybe they hadn't been discovered sooner. If you have saved some money and often use your VR hedset, we recommend investing in built-in prescription glasses. It's a little expensive at first, but it's an investment that pays off the moment you try your headset without glasses.