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360 VIDEO Enjoy the beauty of Gacka in virtual reality and 5.7K quality!

Budi posrednik između stvarnog i virtualnog – podijeli članak:

In Otočac, more precisely in the suburb of Prozor, we embarked on a real little summer adventure! Lika beauty, the emerald green river Gacka, we sailed a kayak along velebit activities.

Gacka is our most famous underground river that winds through the Gacka polje, a large karst field bordered by Velebit towards the sea and towards the interior by Kapela. Gacka voda is extremely clean and rich in oxygen, it can be drunk and is second in Quality in Europe. Known for its abundant and diverse flora and fauna, it is an excellent destination for trout fishing

Enjoy the beauty of Gacka in our VR 360 video!

Instructions for viewing:

• if you are watching the video via mobile phone, turn the screen to the right or left and look around the environment
• if you are watching the footage via laptop or computer, press the right mouse button and pull your eyes to the right or nice and look around the surroundings
• if you are watching the footage via a VR headset device, switch to 360 footage and enjoy the full impression!

The video was recorded by the Agency Opportunity Group in VR 360 technology.