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A revolutionary hologram is presented in Zagreb. Is this the future of advertising and promotion?

Budi posrednik između stvarnog i virtualnog – podijeli članak:

Register for the event “Getting to know holograms and XR technology” 

A special event is being prepared in the Zagreb XRPG Showroom for the business community interested in innovation. On Friday, May 10 at 6 p.m. in the Prilika Grupa Showroom, an attractive event “Getting to know holograms and XR technology” will be held, where visitors will be able to see how the imposing Holobox looks and works, a device larger than a man that is becoming increasingly popular in the global digital outdoors. advertising. The technology will be presented by Ante Fumić from Prilika Group and Dino Velić from VRIT.

“In the XRPG showroom, we will present an innovation on the technology and hologram market. Holobox is a device larger than a human that, through a combination of technologies, gives the impression of a real hologram in space. Due to its imposing size, interactive capabilities and 4K resolution, it is a real eye-catcher for visitors! Holobox is the future of events and advertising due to a completely new way of displaying digital content, and the market urgently needs such a refresh. We notice ordinary digital LCD screens less and less. Holobox comes in large and small sizes, making it suitable for live streams, promotional events, concerts, AI assistants, interactive applications, product advertising and much more. I invite everyone to the event who wants to introduce innovation in their activities, and it is hard for me to imagine what our holobox looks like. Also, everyone who wants to connect with people from different spheres of business life is invited, as well as those who would like to learn something more about the entire technology,” explained Dino Velić from VRIT. 


In XRPG Showroom, they see this as a very good addition to their own offer, which constantly follows innovations on the market.

“It’s been 8 months since the launch of our XR Showroom in Zagreb, we already have a lot of activities and demonstrations behind us. With this extended demonstration with holograms, we continue the development of the XR scene in Croatia with partners in the same location. I am glad that our showroom is a generator of good ideas from clients, parallel performances and a kind of hub from which we implement quality projects. The joint demonstration of XR and holograms will give visitors an overall picture of the development of the future of advertising technology,” added Ante Fumić from Prilika Group.

It is a closed event, for which you need to register at the link:

You can also register via the exact date for the event in the next three weeks, at the Calendly link HERE.