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Everslaught Invasion Coming Soon to Meta Quest 2″

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Everslaught Invasion, an adrenaline-fueled VR co-op hack’n’slay game, is set to make its mark on the gaming world with its imminent release on Meta Quest 2. Developed by MobX, this highly anticipated title promises an engaging multiplayer experience, combining intense action, immersive gameplay, and role-playing elements.

Initially launched in July 2021 as an Early Access title on Steam, Everslaught received positive reviews from players. However, the game’s developer studio wasted no time in expanding its horizons, diligently working on a version optimized for the mobile VR headset Quest 2. At Gamescom 2022, attendees had the opportunity to try out this exciting VR adventure firsthand.

Everslaught Invasion offers players the option to team up with a friend, ensuring that the hack’n’slay action need not be faced alone. Before entering the arenas filled with monstrous foes, players can choose from three distinct classes: fighter, rogue, or scout. Each class comes with its own unique set of weapons, adding a layer of strategy and diversity to the gameplay.

Weapon choices differ in handling and impact, presenting players with exciting tactical options. For instance, the morning star offers a slower but more devastating strike, while the sword enables quicker swings, demanding precise timing to maximize its effectiveness. Additionally, players have the opportunity to equip a firearm on their left arm, selecting either a machine gun or a shotgun. Combining the morning star with the shotgun, one can enjoy the thrill of close-quarters combat.

The gameplay in Everslaught Invasion is fast-paced and demanding, with players engaging in swift and precise movements to fend off relentless waves of claw-armed monsters. Employing smooth analog stick controls, players can pounce on enemies, timing their attacks for maximum damage. The game introduces the Dash mechanic, allowing players to quickly lunge forward, maintaining the frenetic energy of combat.

The VR experience in Everslaught Invasion may present challenges for some players, given the mix of different locomotion techniques. While the developers assure that fast movements do not cause discomfort, it is essential to note that individuals may vary in their sensitivity to such motions. Furthermore, the game’s incorporation of real-world movements, such as swinging weapons, can cause balance issues, necessitating physical compensation to maintain equilibrium. This intersection of virtual and physical realities adds a captivating layer to the gameplay, showcasing the impact of VR on the mind and body.

As players progress, they will discover role-playing elements in Everslaught Invasion, including a progression system. Collecting loot and currency allows for equipment enhancements and the acquisition of new skills, enriching the gameplay experience. This integration of RPG mechanics adds depth and longevity to the game, providing players with an incentive to continue honing their combat prowess.

While the game’s design and gameplay already exhibit smooth mechanics, the final verdict on its long-term appeal remains to be seen. Some early buyers who purchased Everslaught during its Early Access phase on Steam expressed frustration over the lack of updates. Nevertheless, the introduction of a co-op feature for the Quest 2 version is a sensible decision, catering to players’ desire for shared adventures.

Fast Travel Games, known for titles like Wraith: The Oblivion Afterlife and Cities: VR, will publish Everslaught Invasion. The official release date is set for May 25, 2023, with a price tag of $24.99. Excited fans can take advantage of a 10 percent discount by pre-ordering the game, immersing themselves in the heart-pounding world of Everslaught’s co-op hack’n’slay mayhem.