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First International NFT Exhibition: Zagreb Rises Alongside Paris, New York, and Berlin

Budi posrednik između stvarnog i virtualnog – podijeli članak:

The first international NFT exhibition in Croatia will take place in June as part of the WEB3 Tales conference at the Museum of Contemporary Art, organized by the Alice in Blockchains association. The exhibition titled “Techno Healing – Finding Resilience and Well-Being in a Digital World” is a space where digital artists explore themes of feminism, non-binary identities, health, and self-help in the digital age.

“This exhibition emphasizes the themes of wellness and feminism, which are particularly relevant in a world where capitalism exploits the promise of women’s health and beauty through applications, trackers, and meditation instructions, expecting us to become the best versions of ourselves,” highlighted curator Petra Tomljenović, a member of the Alice in Blockchains association, who, along with Go2Digital as a partner, is organizing this exhibition.

Through various media, including digital art, poetry, and interactive installations, artists will offer new perspectives on how technology and social media can empower and harm women. The exhibition will focus on several key themes, including the experience of living in a world dominated by plastic and silicon, the role of ancient wisdom in illuminating the dark corners of the future, and the meaning of motherhood in a world of artificial wombs and lab-grown brains. The exhibition will present different artworks, including static images, videos, and interactive elements that invite viewers to engage with the exhibition’s themes in a personal way.

NFT is an extraordinary artistic medium and a tool for decentralization. NFT enables artists to shape a creative economy around their creations, avoiding the traditional art market that has long been controlled by intermediaries such as galleries, agents, and others. Now, artists have the authority for direct contact with collectors.

The curator of this unique exhibition will be Petra Tomljanović, and the following artists will exhibit their works: Gretchen Andrew, Carla Gannis, Lauren Moffatt, Mieke Marple, Rory Scott, Sasha Stiles, Anna Fries, CROSSLUCID, and Tanja Vujinović.

“By creating art that explores themes of resilience, well-being, and self-care, we can help mitigate these negative effects and provide people with tools for coping and progress in the digital age. Furthermore, by using NFTs to verify authenticity and distribute this art, we can help establish its value and importance in the art world, ensuring that it reaches a wider audience and contributes to a broader conversation about the intersection of technology, art, and human experience,” artist Rory Scott commented on NFT technology in art.

In addition to the artists and exhibition, the Web3 Tales conference at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb will bring together a range of prominent global experts who will discuss the revolution in how the internet and the internet economy will function in the future. Organizations such as Fireblocks, MakerDAO, Unchain, DiscoXYZ, Soulverse, Qlindo, Blockchain Game Alliance, along with significant support from Base58, Blank HQ, Chainsafe, Near Balkans, Go2Digital, LAQO, LostHex, Size, Neuralaba, and many others will be present.

The fact that the WEB3 Tales conference is organized exclusively by women, specifically the members of Alice in Blockchains, makes this conference unique. The Alice in Blockchains association is committed to promoting the role of women in technology and strengthening women’s contributions to shaping the future of the internet behind the Web 3.0 movement.