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Lecture about VR and XR in tourism was held at EFZG

Budi posrednik između stvarnog i virtualnog – podijeli članak:

Yesterday, at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb, Prilika Group held a 2 hour long lecture about extended reality (XR) and its potential use in tourism. Main theme of the lecture was the touristic potential of extended reality  (+1 VR example). Lecture was held by Bruno Ćutić and Ante Fumić of Prilika Group.

In the first part of the lecture Bruno Ćutić, main editor of portal, presented to students the potential of XR technologies, including introductory part in which he explained the main differences between different subclasses of XR, mainly the differences between MR, VR and AR. Students were shown examples of AR via mobile app on smartphone. The app showed virtual text that said „Prilika Grupa“. They were also shown how VR can be applied in the practical sense, mainly in the tourism sector, by watching 360° videos, participating in virtual walks, seeing the classroom in MR and much more.

Second part of the lecture was tied to the VR project XRPG, which also refers to the tourism sector. It was about the VR Hotelo project, which was later expanded upon by Ante Fumić. He talked about the possibilities that XR allows for B2C and B2B hotel groupations. He also accompanied his part of the lecture with real world examples of XR usage in the tourism sector.

Third part of the lecture was reserved for students to try Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 3 VR headsets. This way, they had the opportunity to try out 360° videos and MR themselves, which left them both surprised and amazed. In the end, Prilika Group lecturers thanked Assoc. Ph.D. Pera Barišić of the Department of Tourism at Faculty of Economics and Business on the opportunity to present the latest technology to the students of the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb.