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RealWear Boosts Frontline Productivity Navigator 520 headset

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Innovative XR firm RealWear is revolutionizing the way frontline workers operate with its cutting-edge Navigator 520 augmented reality (AR) headsets. By incorporating these state-of-the-art devices into its own supply chain, RealWear has achieved impressive gains in productivity, cost savings, and sustainability outcomes.

The recently introduced hardware enhancements have significantly improved RealWear’s global supply chain for distributing the Navigator 520 AR headsets, offering operational efficiencies and measurable reductions in carbon emissions during product creation. The company’s commitment to spearheading sustainability goals while scaling the distribution of its revolutionary wearable solution sets a new standard for the industry.

One of the most significant advantages of integrating the Navigator 520 devices into manufacturing processes is the ability of frontline workers to access crucial information and remote expertise, all while keeping their hands free and their view unobstructed. This is made possible through the device’s micro-display, which presents vital information directly during workplace procedures.

Craig J Wilson, the Vice President of Operations at RealWear, expressed the profound impact of using their assisted reality wearables within their manufacturing supply chain. The Navigator 520 has enabled RealWear’s extended supply chain family to perform remote manufacturing audits, conduct virtual factory tours, and deliver real-time training without the need for international travel. The positive outcomes have mirrored what customers experience with RealWear’s technology, including cost savings, increased productivity, enhanced safety, and reduced carbon emissions.

The results from implementing the Navigator 520 headsets into their supply chain have been remarkable. By reducing the need for unnecessary international travel, RealWear has saved approximately $67,500 in travel costs annually. This reduction in travel time has translated into saving frontline teams an astounding estimated 63 days of productivity.

Beyond the immediate financial benefits, these travel reductions have contributed to RealWear’s commitment to sustainability. By avoiding roughly 41,143 kg of CO2 emissions, the company is taking significant steps towards greener operations. Such positive environmental outcomes can also influence decision-makers to recognize the potential of XR (extended reality) technology in the workplace, and RealWear’s successful use case is a compelling example of its wide-ranging benefits.

RealWear’s dedication to innovation and excellence has not gone unnoticed. The company was recently honored by XR Today during its annual XR Awards, receiving the prestigious Best Manufacturing and Industrial Solution prize. This recognition follows another year of remarkable progress for RealWear, marked by the launch of three new services: RealWear Connect, App Marketplace, and Developer Toolkit.

The introduction of RealWear Connect has facilitated seamless frontline immersive collaboration, enabling central operations teams to handle hardware support requests effectively. By leveraging the Navigator 520 or HMT-1Z1, off-site operators can share their point of view via Connect, including AR visualizations, further enhancing communication and troubleshooting capabilities. The integration of popular communication platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams strengthens RealWear’s position as a leader in managing fleets of immersive headsets.

As the year 2023 progresses, RealWear remains committed to championing the benefits of XR in the workplace. With its ongoing dedication to innovation and its focus on enhancing frontline productivity, safety, and sustainability, RealWear continues to pave the way for a more efficient and connected workforce.

In conclusion, RealWear’s integration of the Navigator 520 devices into its supply chain has proven to be a game-changer, with substantial gains in productivity, cost savings, and sustainability. As the company continues to push the boundaries of XR technology, it sets an inspiring example for businesses seeking to enhance their operations in the digital age.