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ActiveLook – AR glasses for athletes

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ActiveLook, a refined reality (AR) division of French company MicroOLED and a provider of AR smart glasses technology, has announced its new technology platform ‘NexT’. With NexT, the company aims to reinvent sports glasses using its miniaturized AR technology to display essential sports performance data without disturbing the field of vision. The device provides users with key real-time performance data, such as time, distance, speed, heart rate, and in some cases GPS navigation. All unstated, right in front of your eyes.

A new step for all athletes and athletes

These augmented reality sunglasses are as connected as they can. Bluetooth connects glasses to the ActiveLook app on your smartphone. This ultra-lightweight performance of AR technology makes exciting running, horseback riding, sailing, etc. a practical reality.

ActiveLook 2.0 introduces a number of eyeglass enhancements that support ActiveLook. This includes from additional customization options and an improved UI to better Bluetooth low-energy connections and a stronger software development kit. The system can be used with various sports glasses from manufacturers such as ENGO, Julbo and Cosmo. According to MicroLED, ActiveLook can be paired with smartphones, smartwatches and other Bluetooth-compatible devices to access even more performance-related data.

The heart of the ActiveLook system is based on a monochromatic AMOLED display with a resolution of 304 x 256 pixels that consumes less than 1 milliwatt. With a battery life of more than 12 hours and a weight of just 6 g, ActiveLook provides a readable display regardless of ambient lighting conditions.

The future of ActiveLook glasses

The biggest problem is mass shrugging. Who actually uses this technique? What benefit will it offer us? Of course, HUD avoids the need to look down at your bike computer or saves the inconvenience of lifting your wrist while running, but neither is demanding. ActiveLook specifically targets the sports market, where augmented reality can provide significant benefits as navigation assistance and physical performance reporting technology for athletes such as cyclists, runners, skiers and triathletes.

For more information, visit Activelook’s official website.