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Apple Halts Vision Pro 2 Development to Focus on Affordable Headset

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Apple’s VR headset, the Vision Pro, was rumored for years before finally being announced in 2023. With its sleek design and high-end hardware, it comes with a hefty $3,500 price tag, making it a niche product. Now, it looks like Apple is putting off the next version of the Vision Pro to focus on a cheaper model.

Since the Vision Pro’s launch, there have been rumors that Apple would split the product line into two: a “Pro” model and a cheaper version. According to The Information, Apple has been reducing the number of employees working on the premium VR headset and increasing support for the budget headset project.


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Apple might be moving away from a high-end successor to the Vision Pro. The company has reportedly told at least one supplier that it has paused work on the premium headset and won’t need the components it had planned to use. However, Apple will still keep its supply chain busy with the budget headset, which is rumored to have similar hardware to the premium model, presenting its own challenges.

Details of the budget headset, codenamed N109, first surfaced in 2022. Apple aims to price it around $1,600, similar to the most expensive iPhone models. While that’s still pricey for a VR headset, it’s less than half the cost of the Vision Pro. Apple is struggling with hardware compromises, like keeping the expensive display technology while possibly reducing the number of cameras, using a cheaper strap, and having less impactful speakers.


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The report claims Apple originally planned to release the budget headset in late 2024, but it hasn’t even built a working prototype yet. Apple now hopes to release it by the end of 2025 with expanded staffing. Focusing on the cheaper model seems like the right move. Apple doesn’t usually share sales figures, but suppliers have reportedly been cutting production of Vision Pro components by up to 50% due to low demand.

A $3,500 headset was never expected to be a big seller, and even those willing to spend that much might hesitate to buy another expensive VR product soon after. So, it makes sense to work on a cheaper model that could attract more buyers. Apple hasn’t ruled out returning to the premium headset later, but only after the cheaper model is in production.