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CREAL unveils breakthrough Light Field Technology

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In a groundbreaking announcement, CREAL, a pioneering start-up specializing in light field micro-display technology, has unveiled its highly-anticipated augmented reality (AR) solution. This cutting-edge technology promises to revolutionize the AR landscape by offering an immersive and comfortable experience with correct depth perception.

Transforming AR with Light Field technology

At the core of CREAL’s innovation is its patent-protected AR light field micro-display technology stack. Unlike conventional displays that offer flat images, CREAL’s solution creates content with real-world depth, even when viewed by a single eye. This technology merges licensable hardware and software to recreate light rays as they exist in reality, delivering a stunningly realistic image with true depth and unparalleled quality.

Overcoming AR’s visual challenges

One of the key issues plaguing current AR headsets is the inability to display close-up content effectively. CREAL addresses this problem by utilizing light field technology with a combiner, eliminating the need for waveguides. A thin holographic film is easily applied to standard or prescription lenses, providing users with a natural visual experience that mimics real-world depth perception.

Moreover, CREAL’s innovation tackles common complaints associated with AR and virtual reality (VR) headsets, such as eye strain, eye fatigue, and nausea. By enabling continuous focus from up-close to infinity, CREAL ensures a comfortable and healthy visual experience without compromising on image quality or system requirements.

The promise of CREAL’s Light Field technology

Dr. Tomas Sluka, co-founder and CEO of CREAL, emphasizes the unique advantages of their technology, stating, “By enabling continuous focus from up-close to infinity – matching the real-world depth perceived by users – CREAL enables a natural and healthy visual experience with no substantial trade-offs regarding image quality, computational requirements, or system architecture – unlike competing solutions.”

CREAL’s breakthrough has not gone unnoticed. Several leading AR glasses and headset original design manufacturers (ODMs) are currently evaluating CREAL’s technology for their next-generation designs. It is anticipated that some of these cutting-edge products will become commercially available in 2024, marking a significant step forward in the world of AR technology.

Swiss innovation at its best

Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, CREAL’s technical team boasts members who have been involved in pioneering projects at institutions like CERN, EPFL, Intel, and Magic Leap. The company has been diligently developing its groundbreaking technology since November 2017, sharing engineering updates with eager customers along the way.

CREAL’s ambitious vision has attracted substantial funding, with a total aggregate of USD $18 million raised to date. The company is also gearing up to open a new round of funding for capital funds worldwide. Among the existing participating VC firms are Swisscom Ventures, Verve Ventures, and DAA Capital Partners, underscoring the industry’s confidence in CREAL’s potential to redefine the AR landscape.

A Bright future for AR

CREAL’s announcement heralds a new era for augmented reality. By addressing long-standing challenges and introducing light field technology, CREAL’s solution promises to deliver an unparalleled AR experience with correct depth perception and exceptional comfort. As leading ODMs explore this innovation, 2024 could mark the year when AR finally fulfills its potential, offering users a seamless blend of digital and real-world environments.