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How to earn Robuxe? List of guaranteed 5 ways

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What everyone is interested in is how to earn Robux in Roblox – a kind of cash currency that can be used to buy games, in-game bonuses and items within games that can help you in the game.

Roblox is an undeniably popular platform used by millions of people every day.

See for yourself, visit Roblox Live Player Count – How Many People Are Playing Now? ( and see how many people are playing at the moment. Crazy.

While it’s not a game in itself, it’s a place where people can create games that other players will then play. You can imagine Roblox as Steam – one big store full of supply, demand and fun. To learn more about Roblox, be sure to check out our informative article.

Now here’s what you’ve been waiting for, all 5 ways to earn Robux!

1. Selling clothes

Let’s start with free ways to make money first.

One of roblox’s unique features is that it allows its users to design their own clothing designs and sell them on their platform.

The catch is that Roblox takes 30% of your profits as a commission.

It is possible to sell rare clothes that you bought in the past so now it is worth significantly more, or you can sell clothes that you designed yourself. T-shirts and pants are sold for a minimum of 5 Robux, and short T-shirts for a minimum of 2 Robux.

For detailed instructions, visit this page.

2. Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft and Roblox have entered into a partnership where anyone who has a Microsoft account can earn Robuxe for free.

It’s about solving fun and simple challenges, which will help you collect Microsoft points that you can exchange for Robuxes.

To learn more about this and start visiting Get Robux today | Microsoft Rewards.

3. Creating games

The last free way to earn Robux is to create a game.

As the entire Roblox ecosystem is based on making and playing games, it’s not hard to assume that this is probably the most efficient way to get Robux.

Of course, making a game and playing the game are two completely different things, so if you decide on this option be prepared to invest effort and time. If you still succeed, and come up with an interesting game, you could be swimming in Robux!

You will earn Robux depending on your chosen monetization strategy. You can charge Robux for just playing your game, but you can also create a free game that will make money on individual elements within the game itself, such as mobile games on smartphones.

Roblox 101: How to Make Real Money from Your Video Games | PCMag

4. Monthly membership subscription

Now we’ve dried up all the free ways to earn Robux, so let’s talk about the more obvious ones.

One of the alternatives that is more profitable even than buying roblox directly is the purchase of a monthly membership they call “Roblox Premium”. Starting at just $5 per month, you’ll receive 450 Robux every month.

Find out more on Roblox’s membership page

5. Buy it

The last and most direct way to get Robux is… You guessed it. Direct purchase. While it pays more to pay for a monthly membership, sometimes you just want a quick and painless way to get Robux.

Another advantage of direct purchase is that you are not forced to wait every month, but you can buy an unlimited amount if you have money for it!

Learn more on Roblox’s Robux shopping page

As Roblox is considered an integral part of the Metaverse, and given how many people use it, it is essential to stay informed about the currency that drives the entire ecosystem.

In the end, an important note. As mentioned on the official Roblox website, apart from the above modes there is no “Robux generator” or other fast ways to make money. Stay alert and always check the source of the information closely.