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Immersed Cancels 2.5K Visor Model, Focuses on 4K

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In a surprising turn of events, Immersed, a player in the virtual reality (VR) market, has announced the cancellation of its 2.5K Visor model due to remarkably low demand, despite its attractive price point. This decision comes as the company shifts its focus toward the more advanced 4K model, which seems to have captured the attention of VR enthusiasts.

Low Demand for the 2.5K Model

The Immersed Visor lineup promised cutting-edge VR experiences with features like micro-OLED 4K per eye resolution, eye tracking, hand tracking, and mixed reality capabilities. However, the 2.5K model, priced at $500, found itself overshadowed by the 4K model, which boasts an impressive resolution at $750.

Renji Bijoy, CEO of Immersed, revealed that only 4% of preorders were for the 2.5K model, while a staggering 96% of customers opted for the pricier 4K version. The unexpected preference for the higher resolution model raised questions about consumer priorities when it comes to VR technology.

The Decision to Discontinue

Given the stark difference in demand, Immersed has made the bold decision to discontinue the production of the 2.5K Visor model. In a move to address disappointed customers, the company is offering a “special offer” or a refund to those who had pre-ordered the 2.5K model.

Bijoy clarified that Immersed’s sole focus moving forward will be on bringing the 4K version to the market, which has clearly won the popularity contest among consumers.

Exclusive Founder Edition

For enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the 4K model, Immersed has introduced the “Visor Founder Edition.” Priced at $999, this exclusive version of the 4K model comes with some enhancements, including an exclusive faceplate. More significantly, it promises early shipping, with a six-month lead time compared to the standard 4K model.

What Lies Ahead?

With the cancellation of the 2.5K Visor model, Immersed’s strategic shift to focus on the 4K version raises curiosity about the company’s future plans. CEO Renji Bijoy tantalizingly teased that there’s an announcement scheduled for Thursday, hinting at potential surprises in store for the VR community.

Immersed’s decision to discontinue the 2.5K Visor model highlights the rapid evolution of VR technology and consumer preferences within the industry. While a lower price point may initially seem appealing, it appears that consumers are willing to invest more for significantly higher resolution, as evident from the overwhelming demand for the 4K model.

As the VR market continues to evolve, Immersed’s bold move to streamline its product offerings underscores the importance of staying ahead in the rapidly advancing tech world. With Immersed’s upcoming announcement on the horizon, it remains to be seen how the company will further capture the imagination of VR enthusiasts. Stay tuned for updates and developments in this exciting VR landscape.