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Legend – Between Gods: Interactive Mythological AR Book

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Legend – Between Gods is an interactive book of Greek mythology in which you find yourself in the role of a hero and create your own adventure. In an illustrated book of Greek mythology, through 124 pages you embark on an adventure whose ultimate goal is to become a god yourself. How you achieve this is entirely up to you. You can choose whether to be a good god or an evil god.

The book is 100% original and handmade, with 3D printed covers. The illustrations in the book are drawn by hand.

Using AR technology to expand and refine the images on the pages, the book uses refined reality to bring to life the twelve gods from the book. Readers will be able to see gods and creatures in 3D and will be able to control them.

Examples of various scenes from the book

The AR aspect of this book can be accessed through an app that is free on Google Play and the AppStore. You install the app on your mobile and use the app to scan the page in the book. AR content doesn’t just appear on the pages of the book, but all over the room you’re in. All you have to do is point the camera at a flat surface, like a wall.


In order to become a god, you must fight and defeat the jealous Greek gods and the monsters that serve them. You can kill them with various weapons that you gradually reach as you progress in the story. These aren’t coffee gods you know. These gods are petty and jealous. Your only chance to survive in this harsh world is to believe in yourself. You must summon the gods from the book and defeat them.

Examples of weapons

The story is interactive. You decide for yourself what happens in the story and how it develops. After reading the part, you will be presented with a series of decisions and different choices. Some of the choices will push the story further, but if you choose wrong the story can end very soon. And fatally so.

Poseidon watching people

At the beginning of the story, you create your own character. All you have to do is take a selfie and type in your name. Furthermore, you decide for yourself how your game will progress.

Creating a character

In the first next video, it is possible to see what the Hall of Glory will look like – the place where the gods are located after defeating them in the game. In the second you can see what invoking the gods will look like when you are ready to fight them.

Features of the game

  • 100% handmade book with 3D polymer cover
  • You’re the protagonist
  • Interactivity – you write your own story
  • AR – refined reality
  • The book is available in multiple languages


The book is currently under development. Legend – Between Gods is the second project of this nature for the Realic Corporation team. The first book, Book of Asmodeus, was a kickstarter hit and sold more than 1000 copies in the first 5 months since it was launched.

For more detailed information and support of Legend – Between Gods, you can visit the Kickstarter page of the game.

All images and videos are credited to the game’s developer, Realic Corporation.