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Metaverse Safety Week 2023.

Budi posrednik između stvarnog i virtualnog – podijeli članak:

In a world where the Metaverse has shifted from the realms of science fiction to tangible existence, Metaverse Safety Week (MSW) 2023 emerges as a critical milestone in addressing the challenges and opportunities of this evolving landscape. Spearheaded by the X Reality Safety Intelligence (XRSI) community, MSW celebrates its 4th year, symbolizing a global commitment to collective progress.

From December 10th to 15th, MSW will delve into a diverse range of topics, each day focusing on a different aspect of metaverse safety:

  1. Sunday 10th December: Human Rights
    • Examining the intersection of human rights and the metaverse, participants will discuss ethical considerations and safeguards essential for preserving individual freedoms.
  2. Monday 11th December: Medical XR & Immersive Healthcare
    • Exploring the transformative potential of immersive technologies in healthcare, this day will spotlight advancements, challenges, and the critical importance of safety in medical XR applications.
  3. Tuesday 12th December: Child Safety & Children’s Rights
    • Addressing the unique challenges posed to children in the metaverse, this day will emphasize the need for protective measures and the promotion of children’s rights in virtual environments.
  4. Wednesday 13th December: Cybersecurity & Data Protection
    • Focusing on the metaverse’s digital infrastructure, discussions will revolve around cybersecurity measures and data protection to ensure a secure and trustworthy virtual space.
  5. Thursday 14th December: Global Policy & Regulations
    • As the metaverse transcends geographical boundaries, this day will explore the necessity of global policies and regulations to navigate the ethical, legal, and societal implications of this emerging reality.