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NuLoupes is helping dentists with checkups

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NuEyes, a leading company in the augmented reality (AR) industry, has developed a revolutionary new headset called NuLoupes. This device updates the traditional loupes headset that dentists use and will change the medical and dental industry moving forward. Dental professionals can use 3D stereoscopic imaging and AR to make sure patients are brushing their teeth every day.

The NuLoupes AR Limitless Ecosystem features a range of tools such as dental and surgical navigation, 2D/3D live telepresence video, operative notes, object recognition, vital monitoring, radiology imaging, and an app store for medical/dental AR solutions. The headset provides a smooth and easy-to-use continuous magnification solution from 1x – 10x, allowing for up-close detailed imagery of what the user is looking at.

NuLoupes was developed with the help of surgeons who have experience with traditional loupes. Through a pivoting system, the headset can be adjusted up to 90 degrees downward for a more comfortable operating position, reducing fatigue and neck and back pain that many in the medical field have to endure.

According to Dr. Kruger, an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, “NuEyes digital operative NuLoupes AR glasses will revolutionize surgical visualization and disrupt the traditional analog market. In my opinion, NuLoupes has the potential to be as big, if not bigger, a change to the surgical experience than the robot.”

There are a number of medical lanes that would benefit from NuLoupes, such as most pediatric and cardiothoracic surgeons, neurosurgeons, general surgeons, gynecologists, and orthopedic surgeons. There are also potential non-medical usages for jewelers, card collectors, gemology, watchmaking, and any type of work that requires examining small details.

One of the most significant benefits of NuLoupes is that dental professionals can use 3D stereoscopic imaging and AR to make sure patients are brushing their teeth every day. The headset can detect the areas of the mouth that have not been brushed, providing patients with real-time feedback on their brushing technique.

As of right now, NuEyes NuLoupes won’t be available until later this year, sometime in Q3/Q4. However, you can learn more about the AR device here on the NuEyes website.

In conclusion, NuLoupes is a game-changer in the medical and dental industry. It provides medical professionals with an innovative way to visualize surgeries and helps dentists ensure their patients maintain good oral hygiene. This AR technology has the potential to change the way surgeries are performed and make dental care more accessible to everyone.