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RealWear unveils next-gen safe wearable – Navigator Z1

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RealWear, Inc., the visionary behind hands-free wearable computers for frontline workers, has just unveiled its next-generation Intrinsically Safe (IS) headset, the RealWear Navigator Z1. This innovative wearable is engineered to elevate safety and productivity in high-risk industries like oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and mining by freeing workers’ hands for smarter, safer, and more efficient operations.

Enhancing Safety in High-Risk Environments

The RealWear Navigator Z1 is a game-changer for workers who operate in environments where traditional electronics pose a risk of explosion or combustion. Certified for use in locations such as oil and gas production sites, processing mills, chemical facilities, and mines, this industrial wearable is set to redefine workplace safety standards.

Dr. Chris Parkinson, co-founder and CEO of RealWear, stated, “With the launch of RealWear Navigator Z1, we’re offering the smartest and lightest IS wearable with integrated battery available to frontline workers who work in some of the most challenging sites on earth.” This new wearable is a leap forward, introducing AI Core and 5G IS connectivity to empower a new era of smart, connected solutions for frontline workers.

Reducing Costly Downtime

A research study by Kimberlite, highlighted in a GE perspective paper, reveals the staggering costs of unplanned downtime in industries like offshore oil and gas. RealWear Navigator Z1 is designed to address the challenges faced by workers striving to bring equipment back online swiftly and efficiently, mitigating extended work hours, high stress levels, adverse weather conditions, and communication hurdles.

Versatile Hands-Free Solutions

Navigator Z1, when paired with purpose-built software, delivers optimized hands-free solutions for various critical use cases:

  1. Remote Expert Guidance and Training: Workers can access real-time maintenance and repair support from remote experts, potentially eliminating costly travel and downtime.
  2. Field Services Management (FSM): Using simple voice commands, workers can connect to enterprise AI systems for efficient work order handling and asset maintenance, reducing operational costs.
  3. Equipment and Site Inspection Rounds: Inspectors can navigate job sites safely, capturing high-quality photos and notes using field data collection components, enhancing safety, and enabling automation.

Technical Advancements

The Navigator Z1 boasts over 20 significant technical improvements, including:

  • RealWear’s powerful AI Core processor for enhanced on-device AI experiences.
  • A lighter and more comfortable design while maintaining durability.
  • An HD 720p display for improved screen visibility.
  • A high-resolution front-facing camera (48 MP) for better collaboration and inspections.
  • Wider temperature range for versatile use.
  • Enhanced noise cancellation for improved voice responsiveness.
  • Faster Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and optional 5G IS solution for secure enterprise connectivity.
  • A thermal camera module for spotting critical issues.
  • A removable snag-free battery for extended use.
  • Enterprise Secure Android 12.

RealWear Cloud web portal allows device administrators to manage approved apps, adjust settings, and offer remote troubleshooting support.

Empowering Frontline Workers

To leverage the Qualcomm 6490 chipset’s power, RealWear has granted early access to its global developer community. This move promises entirely new hands-free solutions and substantial enhancements to existing ones. Jeff Henckels, Director of XR Product Management at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., shared, “The Qualcomm 6490 is a perfect fit for RealWear’s next-generation headsets as it enables powerful connections and reduced latency, advanced ISP, and advanced Edge-AI computing for astonishing performance at lower power.”

The Navigator Z1 is launching with certifications for ATEX Zone 1, CSA C1/D1, and IECEx, ensuring its suitability for various markets, including oil and gas, mining, pharmaceuticals, and flour and textile mills.

RealWear is committed to showcasing its groundbreaking product through product demonstrations and educational sessions worldwide, benefiting both customers and partners alike. This innovation promises to revolutionize the way frontline workers operate, making their jobs safer, more efficient, and connected in ways previously unimaginable.