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ShapesXR: Revolutionizing Design in VR

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The realm of virtual reality (VR) continues to evolve, with innovative technologies reshaping the way we interact with digital content. One groundbreaking development in this landscape is the collaborative spatial design app, ShapesXR. With an impressive $8.6 million seed investment, ShapesXR is set to expand its horizons, reaching more headsets and revolutionizing spatial design paradigms.

Empowering Spatial Design

ShapesXR sets itself apart by focusing on spatial design tools tailored to the VR environment. Unlike VR interfaces that mirror traditional design concepts, ShapesXR recognizes the need for spatial-specific design tools. This visionary approach allows users to create, prototype, and refine spatial interfaces, interactions, and environments seamlessly.

Innovative Functionality

At the heart of ShapesXR’s innovation lies its freeform canvas, a platform where users can bring their design visions to life in three dimensions. Within this VR environment, designers can mock up intricate spatial designs, gaining insight into how various elements interact at scale and in 3D. What sets ShapesXR apart is its collaborative functionality, enabling multiple individuals to collaborate on projects in real time, enhancing the creative process.

Democratizing VR Content Creation

Inga Petryaevskaya, the CEO and Founder of ShapesXR, emphasizes the democratization of 3D content creation. She compares the app’s ease of use to that of PowerPoint, envisioning a future where anyone can become a VR, AR, and mixed reality storyteller without the need for extensive technical skills. ShapesXR’s mission is to eliminate the barriers to entry in the world of VR collaboration and design.

Expanding Accessibility

Currently, the collaboration aspect of ShapesXR is accessible to Quest headset users. However, with the significant $8.6 million seed investment, the company has ambitious plans. ShapesXR intends to broaden its reach by extending compatibility to a range of headsets, including Apple Vision Pro, Pico, and Magic Leap. This expansion promises greater accessibility and the potential for cross-headset collaboration, fostering a more inclusive design ecosystem.

Layers: Enhancing Spatial Content

ShapesXR goes beyond basic spatial design by introducing a ‘layers’ function, reminiscent of traditional design software. Users can create dynamic slideshows of spatial content, effectively animating elements in a 3D environment. This feature enables designers to prototype and demonstrate how spatial content interacts with users, all before any actual programming takes place. The layers function streamlines the design process, facilitating a more comprehensive understanding of user interactions.

Shaping the Industry Standard

The vision behind ShapesXR goes beyond innovation; the company aspires to become the industry standard for spatial UI/UX design. Drawing a parallel to Figma’s impact on the mobile computing era, ShapesXR seeks to achieve the same level of influence within spatial computing. This bold ambition underscores the company’s dedication to reshaping design practices within the VR realm.

Shaping the Future of VR Design

ShapesXR’s journey reflects the transformative potential of VR technology. By focusing on spatial design tools and collaborative capabilities, the app empowers individuals to become creators and storytellers in the immersive realm. With an infusion of funding and a commitment to accessibility, ShapesXR is poised to extend its influence across a variety of headsets, catalyzing innovation in spatial design. As the app shapes the industry standard, the world of VR design stands on the brink of a revolutionary transformation.