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SideQuest & Creature Launch $1M VR Indie Fund

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In an exciting development for the world of virtual reality (VR) gaming, SideQuest, a renowned VR content platform, has joined forces with mixed reality developer Creature to introduce a groundbreaking initiative: a $1 million creator fund designed specifically to empower independent VR developers.

Creators with a passion for VR gaming are invited to submit their original game concepts to Creature through an online application process that commenced on August 18th. To be considered, applicants must provide a concise pitch of their game and comprehensive information about their development team. Detailed guidelines for the application can be found on Creature’s platform.

Orla Harris, the COO of SideQuest, explained the motivation behind this collaboration. She stated, “Since we started SideQuest, we’ve often been asked why we don’t release games ourselves. The simple answer is: we’ve never had the expertise to do it before.” Harris emphasized that SideQuest’s primary mission has always been to support and champion developers, but the platform needed time to learn, grow, and foster relationships with industry experts.

Enter Doug North Cook and the Creature team, who bring a wealth of expertise to the table. With this new partnership, SideQuest is now equipped to offer financial backing to independent VR developers. Together, they aim to facilitate the release of more indie VR games while pushing the boundaries of what VR technology can achieve.

Doug North Cook, CEO of Creature, noted, “SideQuest has a great reputation for supporting developers as they work to find an audience prior to release on one of the major platforms. Games like Gorilla Tag, Ancient Dungeon VR, We Are One, and hundreds of others have benefited from the community SideQuest has built.” He also emphasized that the next generation of outstanding VR games is likely to emerge from unexpected sources, echoing the origins of many current favorites. Cook believes that these emerging developers will benefit immensely from the collective experience, support, and financial resources provided through this collaboration.

The partnership between SideQuest and Creature is expected to make a significant impact on the indie VR gaming scene. Here’s a closer look at what this exciting initiative means for independent VR developers:

1. A Boost for Independent Developers: The $1 million creator fund represents a significant financial boost for independent VR developers. With access to these resources, creators can bring their imaginative VR game concepts to life without the financial constraints that often hinder their progress.

2. Opportunities for Innovation: VR gaming is a rapidly evolving field, and independent developers often lead the charge when it comes to innovation. This fund aims to support these visionaries, enabling them to explore new frontiers in virtual reality.

3. A Platform for Discovery: SideQuest’s reputation for nurturing emerging talent means that developers can gain exposure and build a community around their games even before they launch on major platforms. This exposure can be invaluable in helping indie VR games find their audience.

4. Expert Guidance: The collaboration with Creature brings a wealth of experience and industry expertise to the table. Independent developers can benefit from the mentorship and guidance of these seasoned professionals, enhancing the quality and marketability of their VR games.

5. Expanding VR Horizons: As SideQuest and Creature work together to support indie VR developers, the boundaries of what VR can offer are likely to expand. This collaboration may pave the way for innovative VR experiences that captivate audiences worldwide.

The $1 million creator fund is a testament to the growing importance of independent developers in the VR gaming industry. With the backing of SideQuest and Creature, these developers have an unprecedented opportunity to turn their VR dreams into reality.

This collaboration also aligns with a broader trend in the gaming industry, where indie games are gaining recognition and popularity. Independent developers often bring fresh and unique perspectives to gaming, and their creations can be some of the most innovative and memorable experiences for players.

As the application process opens on August 18th, aspiring VR developers are encouraged to seize this opportunity to pitch their original VR game concepts. With the support of SideQuest, Creature, and the $1 million creator fund, the next generation of indie VR games may soon take center stage in the world of virtual reality.

In conclusion, the partnership between SideQuest and Creature to launch a $1 million creator fund for independent VR developers represents a significant milestone in the world of VR gaming. This initiative not only provides crucial financial support but also offers guidance, exposure, and the potential for groundbreaking innovation. As the indie VR gaming scene continues to flourish, the collaboration between these two industry leaders is poised to bring forth a new wave of immersive and captivating VR experiences for players worldwide.