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“The green lungs of New York”: Its construction was accompanied by numerous controversies but today it is adored by filmmakers and recreationists

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The magical Central Park is one of the most famous parks in the world, a paradise for filmmakers and recreationists of all kinds. It is visited annually by over 20 million people.

Central Park is the first public park built in the USA and is rightly called the “lungs of New York” today.

The park was opened in 1858 and has undergone numerous changes and events since then. The idea to build the park came from a landowner, journalist and the mayor at the time, Amos Eno. His idea was to create a large park in the center of the city that will serve as a place for rest, recreation and socializing.

Its construction was one of the most massive public works projects in nineteenth-century New York. About 20,000 workers participated in the construction. Today, the area of the park is 340 hectares, which makes Central Park bigger than the Vatican and Monaco.

The park is located on the site of a former village called “Seneca Village” where about 1,600 poor residents lived, including Irish pig farmers and German gardeners. It is the fact that the villagers were mercilessly displaced to build the park, a stain that NYC cannot erase to this day.

Today, the park offers numerous attractions for visitors, and among the most popular are:

  • Central Park Zoo – a zoo that is located on five hectares of the park and is home to different types of animals, including black bears, penguins and monkeys.
  • Bethesda Fountain – a magnificent fountain located in the central part of the park and is one of the most famous places in Central Park.
  • The Great Lawn – a huge green area that covers 55 hectares and is a favorite place for picnics and relaxing in the sun.
  • Strawberry Fields – a memorial part of the park dedicated to John Lennon, who was killed near the park in 1980.
  • Belvedere Castle – a medieval fortress located on top of a hill in the park and offering an incredible view of the city.

Over the years, the park has hosted numerous events and manifestations, and is also a favorite place for numerous filmmakers.

Over 240 movies have been filmed in Central Park in New York, including some of the most famous Hollywood classics. Among the most famous movies filmed in the park are “The Green Belt”, “Home Alone”, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, “All the President’s Men”, “Spider-Man 3”, “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and many others. Numerous TV series have also been filmed in the park, including “Friends,” “Seinfeld” and “Miss Girls.”

An estimated 42 million visitors come to the park each year, making it one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world.

Central Park is not only a beautiful place to visit, but also an important part of New York City’s history and culture. With its beautiful landscape, many interesting points and historical details, the park remains one of the most important symbols of the city and one of the favorite places for visitors from all over the world.

If right now you wanted to take a walk through the magical Central Park, we completely understand you, and that’s why we’re sharing a link through which you can “teleport” to New York while you’re comfortably located in your own home.