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This app uses machine learning and converts world currencies in an instant – Exchange rate scanner

Budi posrednik između stvarnog i virtualnog – podijeli članak:

No, it is not another calculator for converting euros into kunas or kunas into euros that you could read about yesterday in the Croatian media. This is a serious application developed by a mobile team led by Vedran Balagović at the Croatian company QED.

The app is free and fast

"Ourmain motive was to make a simple application free of charge available to all our citizens in order to contribute  to easier transition to the euro currency. " – says Balagović.

The app is globally available all over the world and is not limited to kunas and euros, but also supports another 100 different currencies, which makes it ideal for those who travel a lot or simply found themselves in a country whose currency is unknown to them. Of course, with a multitude of functions such as currency tracking and choosing favorites, there is also a classic calculator as one of the options.

QED is engaged in the development of mobile and web applications, and they saw this as an ideal opportunity to contribute to our market and digitalization. According to their director Anto Čabraja, market research has shown that the classic calculator for currencies is a thing of the past, and they wanted to offer their users something more for everyday use.

"In the time of smart applications, have we thought of how to take advantage of machine learning, and use image reading to provide users with an interesting set of functionalities.ERS is the result of my dedicated team, and a gift to our users." concludes Čabraja.

How does the app work?

ERS – as this application is popularly called, allows the user to easily scan the price, and the amount in other currencies that interest him will immediately appear on the screen, including the euro or kuna.

ERS also notifies a higher exchange rate jump

The application is connected to the European Central Bank; which means that the exchange rate is withdrawn on a daily basis, and the application fully monitors the daily movement of currencies. As a consequence, the application is able to notify the user if there has been a larger jump in the exchange rate compared to the previous day, which makes this application useful for people who keep money in banks in foreign currencies. For Croatia, the most interesting for USD and CHF, along with the most present euro.

According to QED, they hope that this application will be useful to everyone, and that people will recognize new and modern technologies that solve everyday problems more easily and easily.

Download the app for Android and iOS devices, because it is adapted to all mobile systems and types of smartphones, and make everyday life easier.