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VIDEO 360 Croatian Walking Festival filmed in VR, footage from Gacka is spectacular

Budi posrednik između stvarnog i virtualnog – podijeli članak:

From Lika comes something interesting, shooting a virtual reality event and viewing in the YouTube VR app. We wouldn’t expect it, but first things first.

At the beginning of September, a mass sports and recreational event Croatian Walking Festival was held in Lika, which this year gathered as many as 1078 participants from Croatia and 16 foreign countries.

“The festival started on Saturday in Otočac and ended on Sunday in Gospić. On both days, the cities were filled with walkers of all ages, who are bound by a love of healthy living and being in nature – from the youngest who dared to walk shorter routes to senior citizens who maintain vitality and enjoy socializing by walking.

In the host cities of Gospić and Otočac, the participants once again walked the paths called Tesla and Gacka, and what adorned this year’s festival is certainly the highest attendance of foreign citizens so far, because they came from all over Europe. This is the result of the festival being accepted into the international organization IML, which is why points for Medals and Badges of IML were collected.

Various languages could be heard at every step, and for some it was not difficult to even pull a car from Norway to be part of the Croatian Walking Festival and collect points here,” the organizers point out.

The first to reach the finish line was German Manuela, who will have a particularly fond memory of this year’s festival.

“From all sides, there were comments of enthusiasm for the beauty of Lika and good organization, and each of the walks ended with lunch, drinks and live music.

This year again, local family farms offered participants their products, and the accommodation capacities of Lika are also filled, which is an indicator of the importance of this type of event for the entire community,” the organization said. Text continues below ad

The festival, which is organized by the Croatian Walking Association and co-organized by the Lika-Senj County Tourist Board and Lika Travel, showed that the interest continues to grow year after year, especially with the increasing influx of foreign walkers, primarily members of IML. They are expected to be in far greater numbers next year.

The entire festival was also filmed in VR 360 technology, by The Opportunity Group. A few videos from Otočac, and a few videos from Gospić, can be viewed on the YouTube channel.

Footage from the start of the largest route in Otočac shows what the beginning of the shortest route in the Gacka Valley looks like, the one of 10+ kilometers.

Another footage shows several hundred visitors walking along the Gacka River, through the town of Prozor. .

The third part of the Gacka route 10+.

The fourth footage shows the arrival to the popular Šatrić, a place on the Gacka River where many tourist stories are told.

The fifth footage shows the return to the center of Otočac, in the direction of the hamlet of Vivoze.

See other footage on the Opportunity Group channel.