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Virtuix: Omni One treadmill, the new VR hardware

Budi posrednik između stvarnog i virtualnog – podijeli članak:

Virtuix, the Austin-based company, has recently launched the beta version of the Omni One treadmill, which is designed to offer an immersive VR experience. The treadmill allows users to move and run around in a 360-degree environment without any controller input, making the gaming experience more realistic. The company is shipping the product to investors and is expected to sell to US consumers later this year. The bundle package comes with a Pico Neo 3 Pro headset and requires no additional accessories, except the treadmill and headset. The Omni One has safety features that prevent the users from falling and colliding with their surroundings while performing movements like crouching, kneeling, and jumping.

Jan Goetgeluk, the Founder and CEO of Virtuix, spoke to XR Today about the development of the product, which enhances the experiences of immersive gaming or Metaverse applications. The company has gained experience distributing immersive products to end-users in enterprise sectors like entertainment and training. Virtuix’s portfolio includes various models of omnidirectional treadmills that suit a range of targeted use cases.

The CEO revealed that Virtuix started with a “big vision for the consumer” ten years ago but pivoted to the commercial market due to the slow takeoff of consumer VR. Goetgeluk added that the Omni One was developed two to three years ago to debut a consumer device, which suits the new consumer environments. The Omni One is easy to assemble or disassemble, has wheels for mobility, and is lighter than the commercial version.

The treadmill is available for $2,595, and the company offers a $65 monthly payment plan. The CEO said that the omnidirectional treadmill is here to stay, adding that “an omnidirectional treadmill [is an] indispensable component of a VR setup.” The CEO noted that the Omni One is good for burning calories and helping to bolster the active nature of VR interaction and gaming.

With the emergence of commercial and enterprise-grade immersive hardware solutions, consumers may feel overwhelmed by the amount of choice. Many new software and hardware solutions are hitting the market, claiming to be the next best thing in XR. Still, the Omni One is designed to increase immersion and offer a realistic VR experience, making it an excellent addition to any VR setup.