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VR R&D: Opportunity for UK-Based VR Creators

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StoryFutures, a UK-based project aimed at developing immersive content and storytelling, has launched a new national opportunity for story-driven content in virtual reality. The VR R&D National Showcasing Programme aims to offer VR content creators the chance to adapt or repurpose their VR content for Meta Quest 2 headsets and showcase it in over 250 VR headsets through StoryFutures’ extensive network of libraries and independent cinemas and arts venues across the UK.

This program is seeking a wide range of experiences across genres and themes that offer a learning or educational element to audiences. The program offers up to 10 R&D awards of £7,000 each to refine existing content for delivery as a 7-10 minute VR experience. Creators will also have access to cutting-edge audience research and support from the program team to help them understand the impact of their content and develop engaging experiences for new audiences.

The VR R&D National Showcasing Programme will run from 25 May to 14 July 2023, and eligible UK-based companies or sole traders can apply until Midnight Sunday 30 April 2023.

This program is an exciting opportunity for UK-based VR content creators to showcase their work, gain valuable insights and access support from experts in the field. With the growing demand for immersive and interactive storytelling experiences, this program can help content creators reach new audiences and make a significant impact in the industry.

StoryFutures’ previous VR R&D callout in January was a success, and this new program builds on that achievement. The organization has been training and supporting creators to exhibit immersive content, and their network is helping to innovate the distribution of virtual experiences to offer story-driven VR experiences to audiences.

Overall, the VR R&D National Showcasing Programme is an excellent opportunity for UK-based VR content creators to showcase their work, access support, and gain insights to refine their content for a wider audience. The program offers a chance for creators to make a significant impact in the industry, and we look forward to seeing the exciting experiences that emerge from this program.