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BRIJ – a new crypto platform that connects metaverse and real life

Budi posrednik između stvarnog i virtualnog – podijeli članak:

The word “metaverse” is being mentioned more and more often these days. The development of metaverses and virtual technologies is taking more momentum day by day. But unfortunately, this whole concept seems extremely empty and distant to the average man. Many people do not understand what the metaverse really is and do not have access to such technologies in everyday life.

Why is metaverse such a foreign concept to many? The answer lies in the fact that the metaverse is not a single entity, but rather a set of different virtual worlds, digitized economies, web 3 applications and much more. Accessing all these aspects of the metaverse is complicated because it requires different devices, applications and more and the process itself can seem extremely daunting and foreign because of this.

This is where BRIJ comes into play, a platform that aims to facilitate everyday access to the metaverse, make it more accessible and connect the metaverse with the real world.

What is BRIJ?

BRIJ is a digital ecosystem that brings the metaverse to the real world, making an invisible bridge between them and creating a whole new level of mixed reality. When they say they want to merge the real and virtual worlds, at BRIJ they mean that they want to facilitate access to the metaverse. From merging metaverse events with real-world events and enabling shopping in virtual stores and physical outlets to merging virtual and physical business meetings in the same room, BRIJ want to bring the metaverse closer to the real world and make it part of everyday life. They aim to create a platform and solution for bridging the chasm that lies between the virtual and real worlds.

An example of a combination of real and virtual world

BRIJ cites an interesting example of their concept on their page. As an example, they give an art gallery in London.

“Replicating an art gallery located in London in the metaverse; Visitors from different countries can visit the gallery in the metaverse and be holo-engineered in the physical gallery at the same time, thus enabling interactions between physical and virtual visitors as if they were in the same place together.”

As another example, they cite the use of their platform for educational purposes.

“Projecting complete educational classes and curricula to less developed countries with weaker infrastructure. Instead of raising funds and waiting for the construction of physical schools and spending money on bringing professors, we can allow students to enter a complete educational system filled with scientific experiments, with face-to-face interaction with other students and professors and much more.”

BRIJ Operating Network is a convergence of software, hardware and service delivery to create the most seamless experience of connecting virtual and real world.

BRIJ Token

The BRIJ token will be a cryptocurrency that will power the BRIJ ecosystem and allow fans, interested individuals and companies to participate in the development of the platform.

As the ecosystem evolves, the BRIJJ token will allow its owners more opportunities, such as, for example, participation in upcoming BRIJ projects, exclusive token holder rewards, and a general approach to the BRIJ development process.

BRIJ tokens are available for trading on PancakeSwap and will be released on a daily basis in limited numbers to ensure equal distribution of tokens. To trade BRIJ tokens, you need a BEP20 compatible digital wallet (for example, MetaMask or Trust Wallet).

You can find out more about BRIJ on their official website.