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Presented Crayta – create your games and your Metaverzum on Facebook

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Meta CEO and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg today unveiled the Crayta platform. This platform is designed to create and play games and become available through Facebook Gaming. After Amazon, now it's Zuckerberg who challenges competition – specifically Roblox. He also announced the expansion of the cloud gaming market to Western Europe.

Simple and affordable for game development

Crayta allows you to build and play games with your friends in real time, and add them to facebook gaming cloud streaming service. Meta claims that Crayta contains simple development tools that you can use to create games even via mobile. Supposedly a simple multiplayer game can be completed as early as 15 minutes, without prior programming knowledge. Also, on a particular game, up to 20 people can collaborate at the same time.

The story around Crayt began in June 2021 when Meta acquired gaming studio Unit 2 Games. The financial details of the acquisition are not known to the public, but all employees became employees of Meta through the acquisition. Crayta was originally available exclusively on Google's streaming platform Google Stadia but was later added to the Epic Games Store.

Important to mention is that Crayta is free to play and available to anyone with a Facebook profile. Zuckerberg also stressed how much progress it is that a rendered, high-quality 3D image is available via mobile or web browser.