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DigiLens and Taqtile Join Forces to Empower Deskless Workers with AR

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In a game-changing collaboration, DigiLens Inc. and Taqtile, Inc. have come together to introduce an advanced augmented reality (AR) solution designed to transform the way deskless workers in industrial and defense sectors perform essential tasks. By combining DigiLens’ ARGO™ smartglasses and Taqtile’s Manifest® work instruction platform, this partnership aims to deliver a robust, industrial-lite solution that enhances efficiency, accuracy, and safety for workers worldwide.

DigiLens, known for its ARGO smartglasses, is a leader in holographic waveguides used for XR displays. The company’s optical platform and photopolymer technology offer exceptional performance both indoors and in bright outdoor lighting conditions, making it a perfect fit for industrial and defense environments. Unlike many existing solutions, DigiLens’ smartglasses boast a compact design that does not require modification, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows.

Taqtile, on the other hand, is a renowned provider of augmented reality-based work instruction software. The Manifest platform developed by Taqtile complements DigiLens’ hardware by leveraging cutting-edge AR technology to streamline operational workflows and enhance task accuracy and consistency. Deskless workers using Manifest can easily document maintenance and operational procedures, follow step-by-step instructions, and analyze job performance and history. For more complex tasks, the advanced platform enables real-time remote assistance from experts who can guide workers through spatially anchored content within the AR environment.

The combination of DigiLens and Taqtile technologies offers unparalleled scalability, exceptional quality, and cost-effectiveness. Workers in industries such as manufacturing, energy, healthcare, logistics, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and defense are expected to benefit significantly from this groundbreaking solution. The collaboration aims to revolutionize deskless work, enabling frontline operators to perform their tasks hands-free, with complete body position independence.

Nima Shams, GM and VP of Product BU at DigiLens, stated, “ARGO allows the frontline operator true hands-free, body position independence, and now with Manifest from Taqtile, robust work instruction anywhere, at any time, in any environment. Manifest on ARGO provides a complete work ecosystem, giving industrial and defense workers a platform of the future; enabling them to be more efficient, precise, and agile while having their hands free for the task at hand.”

The Manifest platform empowers workers to capture and share critical job information efficiently, ensuring that tasks are completed flawlessly and accurately. With step-by-step guidance and the ability to access real-time remote assistance, workers can troubleshoot and overcome challenges more effectively. This collaborative solution addresses the unique needs of deskless workers, offering improved performance and functionality ideally suited for industrial and defense sectors.

John Tomizuka, CTO at Taqtile, highlighted the significance of DigiLens’ ARGO smartglasses, stating, “ARGO represents just the type of head-mounted, hands-free device that Manifest customers have been looking for. We continue to evaluate hardware solutions that will meet the unique needs of our deskless workers, and the combination of Manifest and ARGO has the ability to deliver performance and functionality that will appeal to the industrial and defense sectors.”

By enabling workers to access critical information in real-time, the partnership between DigiLens and Taqtile has the potential to revolutionize how deskless workers perform their jobs. The groundbreaking solution enhances productivity and safety across industries, allowing workers to conduct maintenance, repairs, inspections, and other procedures with greater efficiency and precision.

The collaboration between DigiLens and Taqtile demonstrates their commitment to empowering deskless workers with state-of-the-art technology. With the AR-enabled solution, workers can expect improved operational workflows, streamlined task execution, and access to expert guidance, ultimately transforming the way essential tasks are accomplished in industrial and defense sectors.

As DigiLens and Taqtile revolutionize the workspace with their innovative AR solution, deskless workers around the globe can look forward to a future where complex tasks are completed flawlessly, accurately, and safely.

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