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DORS/CLUC 2022 – The largest regional conference on open source

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After a two-year pandemic break, the 27th edition of DORS/CLUC 2022 (Days of Open Computer Systems / Croatian Linux Users' Conference) will be held on May 19 and 20, 2022 at FER! It is the largest and longest-running regional conference on free and open software and the Linux operating system.

The conference is organized by the Croatian Open Systems And Internet Association and the Croatian Linux User Association, and every year hosts about 30 exhibitors and about 500 participants. The conference is dedicated to developer and system – administrator topics, with a focus on free and open technologies, open source, open standards and Linux.

A digital society would not be able to function without open technologies.

All IT companies are aware that open source systems and Linux are everywhere, and that our digital society could not function, startups emerge and developers develop without open technologies. The value and message that free and open technologies bring are important for many groups of users, for individuals, IT professionals, for education, medicine, for IT companies, but also for the business of all types of entrepreneurs, said Svebor Prstačić, president of the HrOpen association.

He also points out that nowadays it is almost impossible that small and medium-sized companies and startups are not based on open source tools and technologies. The software is far too complex to build something yourself. But despite the importance and awareness of engineers about the widespread use of open technologies, little is said about them in wider circles.

For this reason, the Croatian Open Systems and Internet Association and the Croatian Linux User Association are organizing a DORS/CLUC conference, in order for visitors to communicate and spread experiences in the context of the application of open technologies, open standards and free software and to educate and instruct users in the value that OSS provides.

By using tools that are not free, we and our data become a product

We all know how much the biggest tech companies make by giving users tools that are free, but not free, not open. By using such tools, we and our data become a product. When it's a personal choice, that's fine. When it is a choice of state for the whole society – for education, public sector and security, it is less ok, said Vedran Lebo, president of the Croatian Linux User Association. Open technologies are solutions and catalysts to very difficult problems, such as sustainable development, transparency and meritocracy, digital sovereignty and security – which many lecturers at the conference will certainly touch on.

The conference will host about 30 exhibitors, who will give workshops and lectures to visitors. It is especially worth highlighting this year's keynote lecturers. Brenno de Vinter of the Dutch Ministry of Health will talk about the Netherlands open source solution, which has helped organize pandemic coordination. Italo Vignoli will talk about digital sovereignty and how the LibreOffice office suite enables it, Nancy Beers will explain the power of gamification in business and open source software development, and Douglas De Maio will present the OpenSuse Leap Linux distribution, and explain what to expect from this operating system next.

This is just a small fraction of the rich and interesting program of the conference and we invite you to watch it at the link, and tickets are available at the