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How to invest in Decentraland? Leskaroski's guest appearance in Stock Exchange Stories gives the answer

Budi posrednik između stvarnog i virtualnog – podijeli članak:

The answer to the question from the title of this text was provided by Stock Exchange Stories. Who represents The Stock Market Stories? A group of four professional traders engaged in the analysis, investment and education of forex, stocks and crypto markets. We are talking about Vladimir Veličković, Milan Baničević, Mihailo D. Djurdjevic and Ivan Andrejević.

In a video show or virtual conversation on their YouTube channel, they hosted Filip Leskaroski, founder of the agency for investments and real estate, who has been working in the field of investment and real estate for 7 years. His company Leskaroski – Real Estate &Consulting is also engaged in investments, and in addition to standard real estate, they are now investing in digital real estate such as Decentraland.

Photo: Screenshot YouTube

Stock market stories provided answers to questions; how to invest in real estate on Decentraland, what is the official currency, how to buy land and what can be built on it?; how are districts, land, commercial and residential premises organized, how much does it cost to invest in real estate and what has been the price increase so far?; What are the best districts, what are the A, B and C types of real estate in the virtual world, the concept of a city center of 50×50 pixels and plots of 16×16 m2?, as the price of each real estate investment rises in two ways by multiplying, why can we compare investment in Decentraland with investing in Bitcoin in 2011?, why do we only now have its wider monetization in the real world and what other nfts are available in metaverse?

If you don't have enough time to watch the total recording of almost 2 hours of quality conversation, below you can accurately view clips of certain issues of the stock market leaders.

0:00 Start

2:09 Investing in virtual real estate

9:01 NFTs hold up better than crypto, the importance of the gaming industry for metaverse development

14:32 Are the prices of the land in the metaverse inflated?

18:30 Market report

22:42 What should the newcomers invest in?

25:09 Is crypto more stable than stocks?

29:40 Does it need to be diversified now?

31:21 Cardano and Solana

35:44 Systemic risk – how to diversify

37:22 Oil embargo on Russia

39:38 Philip's way of investing

45:07 The influx of Russian capital to the real estate market in Belgrade, the real estate market in Africa

49:28 Is now a good opportunity to invest in virtual real estate?

52:44 Demonstration Decentralanda

1:37:47 Is it possible for the future to be better graphics in Decentraland and for everything to be more realistic?

1:39:28 Is there a possibility of taking out a loan for real estate and how is creditworthiness determined?

Watch the full video at this link.