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AIRSHIFT – A new arcade VR game is looking for beta testers

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AIRSHIFT is an arcade VR game by South Korean developer Geongi Gim. In the game we enter the role of guardian of the sky and our mission is to eliminate enemy robots. The flight mechanics are similar to Gun Raiders – you can fly the sky, run on walls, try dash in the air. With a boost that accelerates you 100 times, you'll feel like time has slowed down and you can go through a rain of bullets and destroy robots.

Versatile and addictive single-player

AIRSHIFT is designed as a single player game with 9 levels, 2 modes and 11 different weapons. The movement system allows dash, wall-run and boost and in addition to firearms there are some weapons for close combat. Although it is a single player, the leaderboard is global so you can see what your results are compared to other players. The developer is also announcing new weapons and a multiplayer option in the future. The environment has enchanting architecture and unique animated rendering.

Try AIRSHIFT before everyone else!

AIRSHIFT can soon be expected on Meta Quest App Lab and until then you can try it out by joining discord AIRSHIFT server

You can also contact him through social networks:

About the developer

Geongi Gim is a freelance indie developer from Seoul, South Korea. AIRSHIFT is his first game he has worked on intensively in the last two years. He is also eagerly awaiting Croatian beta-testers and in case of any questions you can contact him via Discord or via email: [email protected]