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Ivan Voras reveals how thorny the road to the Metaverse is

Budi posrednik između stvarnog i virtualnog – podijeli članak:

At this year's DORS/CLUC conference, we will also hear something about Metaverse. Equinox Vision co-founder Ivan Voras will give a lecture titled: "The thorny road to Metaverse".

As the organizers state in the summary, Metaverse is the buzzword of today. The answers to the questions: what exactly is it, what it can look like and how to participate, are still quite vague. In this lecture, Ivan will talk about how his startup Equinox Vision participates in the construction of the metaverse through refined reality (AR). The emphasis of the lecture will be on the situations and interesting problems they encountered in the paper.

The lecture will have a technical and business component and most of the technical details will be about Unity as a development tool. You can still secure your ticket via