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Equinox Vision organizes festival of 2D and 3D illustrations "Future Art"

Budi posrednik između stvarnog i virtualnog – podijeli članak:

Starting from September 9th, Equinox Vision will organize a special event – “Future Art”. They are starting a city festival / exhibition for digital art presented in a location-initiated augmented reality (AR) in the city of Zagreb, with the possibility of spreading throughout the world. This is an opportunity to present digital art and digital 3D and 2D artists through the medium of augmented reality, where works are integrated into the physical spaces of the city. The point of this event is to introduce the public to extremely talented artists who are almost unknown within their narrow circles, such as game development and marketing.


It is possible to submit 2D and 3D works, but there are certain rules.

The rules for 3D work are as follows:


  • Animated 3D models – there must be at least some movement
  • It integrates well with one of the 3 types of physical areas where the work of art will be displayed.

Left to free choice:

  • A work of art of conceptual nature – we present “feelings” related to contemporary “green” themes: ecology, sustainability, regeneration, harmony of urban environments and nature. This does not necessarily mean abstract forms and abstract art.
  • Grandiose to view – the size and complexity that will be attractive for viewing visitors and produces a “wow” effect.
  • Compliance with the “Solarpunk” mindset and artistic guidelines

For 2D works, similar suggestions are:

  • It should integrate reasonably well with at least one of the three types of physical areas in which it will be exposed
  • It should be exhibited as within simple 3D frames (not delivered by the artist)
  • Images must be in one of two aspect ratios: 1:1 or 3:2 – They should have a connection with contemporary “green” themes: ecology, sustainability, regeneration, harmony of urban environments and nature. This does not exclude abstract forms and abstract art.

There will be 3 types of physical space:

  • Urban/concrete jungle (works of art will be placed on city squares or wide hiking trails)
  • Greenery / parks (the work will be placed on a grassy area)
  • Water/lakes, usually near or within city parks (the artwork will be placed directly on the water)

The goal of the “Future Art” festival is to spread admiration and joy by combining the virtual and the physical, to decorate and enrich beautiful physical locations with fantastic virtual works of art!

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