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A well-known GPU testing software has received the DX12 Ultimate add-on.

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One of the most well-known benchmark applications, 3D Mark, this week has an add-on for testing the latest gaming graphics cards that support communication with gaming software via the modern programming interface (API) DirectX 12 Ultimate.

3D Mark Speed Way. Image: UL Solutions

The latest addition to the 3D Mark test suite, Speed Way, was developed with the aim of testing modern graphics cards from all three manufacturers when performing the most demanding operations that DirectX 12 Ultimate API provides in the latest games, namely the beautiful global lighting of the 3D environment with the help of ray tracing technology and advanced shading (Mesh shading).

Technologies such as ray-tracing and mesh shading are becoming an indispensable component of modern video games, so it’s very important to have one standard like 3D Mark in which all the latest GPU models can be tested. The results of such tests allow us gamers to better compare different models, get a picture of how they behave in demanding gaming applications, and especially taking into account the budget available to us to buy a new piece of gaming hardware.

The appearance of the 3D environment in the highest accessory for 3D Mark. Image: UL Solutions

Speaking of comparison, then it is important to point out that the 3D Mark “Speed Way” will have an important “VS. A mode that will allow you to compare your tests with those of your friends, but also with the results obtained by thousands of other gamers. Hardcore gamers who really care about making the best gaming case can go even further and compete for the first place on the Hall of Fame.

Another interesting option of the latest testing software will be the so-called . “Interactive Mode”, which will allow the user to move freely through the given 3D environment as desired, with the aim of more detailed testing of your GPU “guinea pig”.

Although 3D Mark has several free versions that you may have heard of before (Time Spy, Night Raid , and Fire Strike), the latest version of the add-on will have to be paid for. More specifically, you’ll need to take the 3D Mark Advanced Edition which currently costs $34.99 or upgrade your current subscription for $4.99.

The first version of reliable testing software, 3Dmark99, was developed by Futuremark in October 1998. Since then, 3D Mark has become synonymous with the standard in the field of independent gaming tests. Futuremark was acquired by UL Solutions in 2014, and since then 3D Mark has been developing under the auspices of a new brand.