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Microsoft HoloLens could make mining more secure

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The National Speleological Society of Canada (NSS), a body that deals with mining technologies and safer mining solutions, has partnered with the Cambrian R&d Centre for Smart Mining. The goal of the partnership is to develop helmets that will serve as a base to which AR (refined reality) glasses can be attached, allowing the use of AR technology underground. It is the first helmet of its kind to be available on the market.

The helmet will be designed to work in conjunction with Microsoft’s HoloLens AR glasses by which miners access the Miner Operate Survey System (MOSS). It is a program being developed by NSS Canada. MOSS will serve miners so that they can plan the process of blowing up the rocks with as much efficiency as possible. The program shows the places to be drilled, creating an efficient drilling plan and reducing the amount of waste material generated by this process. The NSS says that using this system speeds up the entire process by 10-15%.

Using AR technology, miners will have direct access to important live information. This information will be displayed on the rocks surrounding them, and miners will be able to control them using hand movements. This information will also be able to be sent to the surface, allowing live collaboration between miners in the mine and those located on the surface.

This kind of technology could drastically increase worker safety. Usually, miners have to mark the places where they will be drilled before drilling, and this requires work close to the rock. By using HoloLens, workers can measure and determine places to be drilled from a safe distance.

Image source: NSS Canada