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Meta expands personal spaces in Horizon Worlds platform

Budi posrednik između stvarnog i virtualnog – podijeli članak:

Horizon Worlds is Meta’s social VR platform for Quest hedset users. The platform is similar to Rec Room or Vr Chat. There have been “personal spaces” in it for some time. They are something like your virtual apartment or house. It’s about the zones you first find yourself in when you turn on your hedset. In them you can refine your avatar and see various news and events that are currently current at Horizon Worlds. From your personal space, you can further move on to explore Horizon Worlds. Your personal space can only be accessed by you, but this is something that will soon change.

Back in June, meta gave a number of users access to a new version of personal space. In this version, you can invite your friends to your virtual apartment, and there you can hang out together and play various mini games before you go further to explore Horizon Worlds.

Now Meta says they plan to give them access to a new personal space for more users. They also plan to give the owners of the premises more options as far as setting rules of conduct that visitors must adhere to.

“You decide who will be invited into your personal space and your guests will not have access to your space until you are in it,” Meta said in a blog post. “You’ll also be able to set policies for the users you invite and respond to — for example, you’ll be able to mute or kick users who don’t stick to the rules from their personal space.”

If you’re interested in more, you can see more about the changes Meta introduces to personal spaces on the Vidyuu Tutorials YouTube channel.