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"Mutalk" – a bizarre microphone for private conversations

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Conducting a conference call in a quiet office or open space such as a coffee shop can cause irritation to those around you and can lead to the sharing of potentially sensitive information. Also, when you talk in Metaverse or online games, we often end up raising our voices when things heat up. However, although we do not want to disturb our family or neighbors, unfortunately when we lose and get too into it.

Siftfall’s “Mutalk”

Shiftall’s “Mutalk” is a Bluetooth microphone that allows you to chat privately in VR. The idea is that the microphone can reduce sound leakage for VR users. This means that background noise will not be caught, thus making the player’s voice appear cleaner.

The microphone located inside the device captures and amplifies the user’s voice while the sound insulation material prevents people near you from eavesdropping. The product comes from Shiftall, which had a grueling CES 2022. This technology company is expanding its presence in the metaverse with a suite of innovative products made in collaboration with Panasonic. Mutalk is part of a product line that includes MeganeX VR hedsets the unusual Pebble Feel “personal air conditioner.”

There’s no denying that it looks absurd, but if you want to talk privately on the phone with someone, and you can’t find some private place to do it, it might have some use. Mutalk automatically detects when worn and starts broadcasting via Bluetooth, so your conversation will be in silence even as hundreds of eyes stare at you in amazement.

Use and accessories

It’s easy to use. Simply put a “mutalk” on your table with your mouth facing up to automatically turn off the microphone and lift it up to turn it on immediately. “Mutalk” also has a headphone jack that allows you to use it with your mobile phones.

Although it is made with VR and metaverse in mind, the microphone can be used in any context. Those who want to use it at a Zoom meeting can simply put it on their face instead of tying it up.

Although the device has yet to be released, Shiftalk promises to have a battery life of 10+ hours and will be compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. The device has a detachable strap that allows it to be used outside the metaverse for conference calls and other business purposes. Mutalk is expected to sell at $140 per launch.