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New Croatian platform – Žene i točka Hub

Budi posrednik između stvarnog i virtualnog – podijeli članak:

Expanding the vision of the International Women and Full Stop Conference, with our expertise, partner network and encouraging cooperation with foreign partners in the region, we are developing a business support platform for the development and empowerment of women in their work – Women and Full Stop Hub.

Through intensive cooperation with our partners, the Union of Employers of Montenegro and the Slovenian-Croatian educational platform Valoreschool, we have made it possible to attend free online education on very current topics important to every entrepreneur.

The lectures from the third module that we have prepared for June will give you insight into the possibilities of the VR (Virtual Reality) world.

MODULE: Let’s simplify VR

The goal of this module is to help participants gain insight into the potential of VR technology and the possibility of application in many areas of the business environment or everyday life. We want to encourage participants to think about how they can apply simplified techniques and solutions in their own work, without the need for complex hardware or sophisticated programming.

After this module, participants will:

  • understand the basic principles of VR technology and its components;
  • understand the possible challenges and obstacles they may have when using VR;
  • gain insight into the process of implementing VR solutions that are easy to use and at the same time provide users with a satisfying experience.


You can apply for the education of your choice by clicking on the title of the topic.

Topic I. How to use VR to realize a new dimension of business? – VR for business growth

  • VR and its application in the business world
  • Advantages of using VR in business
  • Examples of successful applications of VR in different industries
  • Recognizing the potential applications of VR in your own business

Topic II. How to create VR content?