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NuEyes – this technology will help the visually impaired

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Wearable technology is the future, and NuEyes Pro3 smart glasses bring you the future in a compact yet powerful device worn on your head.

This new line of AR smart glasses will address not only low vision and medical use, but also training and learning needs, as well as the needs of businesses and government. Lightweight binocular smart glasses will enable companies to empower their workforce with guided workflows, remote assistance, knowledge transfer, step-by-step training, 3D data visualization, and maintenance, repair and operation information.

NuEyes Pro3 is a compact but very powerful device that looks like and is worn like glasses. It’s exclusively designed for people with low vision and offers an extremely 12x magnification, levels that were previously only available on large, clunky desktops. NuEyes has built-in voice recognition technology for control, as well as manual controls on the glasses themselves. A wireless Bluetooth controller is also included in the technology and can be worn on the finger.

This technology means that people suffering from macular degeneration, Stargardt’s disease, retinitis pigmentosa, and other visual impairments may experience the joys of improved vision, including seeing the faces of loved ones and enjoying the things they love.

History of NuEyes smart glasses

CEO Mark Greget has been working on the distribution of magnifying glass for the visually impaired in their homes. There was a constant question as to why technology wasn’t created in glasses to do the same thing as large and bulky boxes. Then came the idea to create glasses to meet those needs. Soon after, Mark began working with different manufacturers for head-worn devices trying to find what would be best for the consumer. In collaboration with ODG, Osterhout Design Group, which produces military technology for special operations, have created NuEyes smart glasses for low vision.

How do NuEyes glasses work?

NuEyes Pro3 is worn like regular glasses and has a camera that automatically focuses the image being viewed. Capturing the outside world with a camera on the bridge of glasses, he projects the image onto electronic displays located in front of the user’s eyes. Numerous changes can be made to the glasses according to visual needs, such as an increase in image or a change in color contrast. These changes can be done by voice activation. Also, the glasses are wireless and allow for the freedom of viewing anywhere. Anyone who is legally blind or severely visually impaired is entitled to smart glasses.

Features of NuEyes Pro3 smart glasses:

  • Load-bearing magnifying glass only 88 g
  • 52 degree field of view
  • Small, compact, powerful
  • Voice control + movements
  • Subject, movement + speech recognition
  • Aircraft detection
  • Wireless
  • Easily connect to a USB-c cable for mobile phone and laptop
  • 4K display
  • 20 MP camera.
  • SLAM – Simultaneous localization and mapping in combination with a 6 DOF camera
  • Built-in stereo
  • Replaceable nose stand
  • Gyroscope, gravity sensor, light and distance sensor
  • Displays images in 2D and 3D
  • A second version available with a USB Type C plug that connects to any smart device that displays video via a display port.
  • The third version of the Pro 3 is focused on thermal imaging for business purposes


The future carries numerous uses for NuEyes, including the Text to Speech feature in which the device will read documents to the user, and the ability to transfer TV and movies directly to glasses over Wi-Fi. NuEyes claims that their Pro 3 product line will “skip the currently available technology.” It will be interesting to see how NuEyes injects into the existing and ever-growing AR smart glasses market.

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