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Questhaven: Dungeons & Dragons in virtual reality

Budi posrednik između stvarnog i virtualnog – podijeli članak:

Tabletop games and virtual reality: it’s a powerful combination. In VR, you have a strong sense of social presence and can move freely. One of the games they skillfully combine is Questhaven.

QuestHaven is a tabletop RPG platform coming to PC, PCVR and standalone Meta Quest 2, with plans to expand to other devices in the future. It’s an environment with a set of tools to play your games your way! Similar to the famous table top game Dungeons & Dragons, but this time in vr edition! After just a week on Kickstarter, QuestHaven was able to secure its initial funding target of $50,000.

Have an adventure!

Explore dungeons, face enemies, roll dice and play roles! QuestHaven gives both gamers and Game masters the tools they need to enjoy their favorite tables! Questhaven gives tools, but the adventure is left in your hands.

For game masters: build amazing worlds, fill cities with NPCs or dungeons with monsters. QuestHaven’s main gaming tools are pc-based, and include a world builder, as well as everything it takes to track a campaign. Game masters will also be able to take control of their NPCs by switching to VR at the push of a button. Create buildings or dungeons from modular parts and share them with the community. You don’t feel like building? Just grab what the others have made, an orc camp, a bustling inn, dungeon rooms, or a whole map.

For players: Create and customize your character’s figure, then place its character sheet to match the RPG of your choice. Move around a square or hexagonal grid or freely using our measuring tool. Be sure to double-check the radius before swallowing both friends and enemies with a fireball.

Sharing folders!

Revive your world with a large suite of eco-friendly tools. Customize the experience and let your players dive into the adventure. Players can choose song themes and set background sounds. In the future, they want to give players the opportunity to mix the sound effects they want into their surrounding sounds (i.e. the sounds of the city/tavern, wind, sinister cave sounds, creatures, and more).

The game’s creators plan to introduce a soundboard for the Game Master so that it can quickly play certain sound effects when needed (e.g., arrow rattle, thunder, door closure/lock, roar monsters, and more).

The main elements of the game

  • System-independent: The goal is for players to be able to start the game on any system, regardless of house rules or home preparation they choose. Automation is limited to gain flexibility.
  • Social experience: Nothing is better than the experience “at the table” with friends or acquaintances, the possibility of immersing yourself in the adventurous is indescribable. We want to recreate its social aspects, while exponentially increasing the size of the world.
  • Easy to use: Users should not feel overwhelmed by our tools. Intuitive tools that do the job are our top priority.

Currently, you can get the game by donating a minimum of $30 on the page. There are a few more membership fees, but the most basic is from $30, where you get a copy of the game and a special role in their Discord server

For more information about the game, visit their official website.