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Pico 4 VR glasses selling below expectations

Budi posrednik između stvarnog i virtualnog – podijeli članak:

Sales of Pico 4 VR glasses are not meeting expectations so far, Sina (A Chinese news outlet) said in its report. Sina report said it has insiders in Pico. They state that the company apparently hoped to sell more than 1 million headsets this year, but that goal is unlikely to be met. Even before this, insiders said the company had secured 2.5 million VR glasses intended for sale, only to be reduced to 1.8 million later.

However, this allegation contradicts Pico’s only public statement about the sale. Specifically, in mid-October, a week before the launch of Pico 4 VR glasses on the Western market, the company warned that some pre-orders in Europe would be delayed due to “unprecedented global demand.”

Furthermore, in Sina’s report the above-mentioned insider revealed that ByteDance, since Pic’s incorporation supports Pica as far as capital and the amount of resources available to them, but due to the rapid expansion of the company, the appeal of their products and users is declining. In addition, the report also states that last year’s ByteDance purchase of Pica created internal disagreements in Pico and that with the company’s rapid expansion, there were “factional discussions” between the original employees and the new staff that came from ByteDance.