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SIMULACRA shows off first in-metaverse AI creator tools

Budi posrednik između stvarnog i virtualnog – podijeli članak:

After its first public demo of live text-to-image generation in late December, the immersive web platform SIMULACRA announced two more AI tools to the experience. You can now explore real-time text-to-architecture and text-to-fashion opening up exponential possibilities for creation within the social 3D web platform. These tools are a glimpse into the future of content creation for both virtual worlds and physical/digital products.

Text-to-architecture: This feature allows creators to seamlessly update the walls, flooring, and artwork within the virtual apartment layout, real-time. Through the power of AI, the user can swap out hardwood floors for carpet, a ball pit, or even moon rocks. This feature removes the pain point of making wholesale changes through complex 3D modeling software and allows for infinite creativity from anyone with or without 3D art experience.

Text-to-fashion: The future of self expression is increasingly transitioning to digital. With this new AI feature, user creativity is completely unlocked by allowing complete one of one avatar customization. This system is not only the future of how users can represent themselves in SIMULACRA, this is the future of how brands will empower their communities to create and customize their products in both the physical and virtual world.

As a platform focused on storytelling and education, SIMULACRA is leveraging these AI tools to accelerate content creation for brands, educators, and creatives so they can create rich and meaningful digital experiences for their communities. 

“We believe that AI is a key component in the democratization of content creation for the next-generation of digital experiences,” said Amir Berenjian, CEO of REM5 STUDIOS. “We’re excited to see what our partners build that goes far beyond gaming”.

To demonstrate this capability, SIMULACRA is making an easy-to-use demo publicly available, and accessible to anyone with a PC or mac in a Chrome web browser. No downloads are required. The demo is multi-user so feel free to experience it with others. 

Try it here right now:

For private tours, or to meet up with the SIMULACRA team, please email [email protected].​