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Terratec VR-1 – VR headset for smartphones and for small money

Budi posrednik između stvarnog i virtualnog – podijeli članak:

The Terratec VR-1 headset is a device from the German company Terratec, with which you can experience virtual reality via your smartphone. Most mobile phones today have the ability to use various VR applications and display VR content. But in order for this content to be experienced, we need special VR headsets that are meant for this.

Terratec VR-1 is one such device. We do not connect it to the cell phone via wire, but the cell phone is inserted directly into it. VR apps that run on mobile will split the mobile screen into two parts, which will be displayed separately via two lenses in the headset, each for one eye.

As noted, there are two lenses in the device through which we look at the cell phone screen. The distance of the lens from the eye is adjustable, as is the distance between the lenses. The tape by which the device is placed on the head is also adjustable. The device itself is not overly heavy (about 340 g) and relatively comfortable to wear. The edge of the device that touches the face is coated with a sponge for as much comfort as possible.

The mobile phone is inserted into the device by attaching it to a special frame, which is inserted into the VR-1 headset. It has built-in grooves through which headphones and a charger can be plugged into the cell phone. Headset also has a built-in sound amplification system, so it’s not necessary to use headphones to hear what’s going on in the game or video you’re watching.

What’s wrong

As for the limitations of the device, the first is definitely the image quality. During use, the image seen through the lenses was constantly slightly blurred. Therefore, the time that can be spent using the headset is shortened, because the image soon becomes uncomfortable to look at and eye strain occurs, which can lead to discomfort and headaches. The distance between the lenses was difficult to adjust well. Another disadvantage of the device is that it constantly needs to be downloaded if you want to pause the video or touch the screen for any reason. Similar devices of this type usually have some solution (simulating the touch of a finger on the screen in some way) but this limitation also depends not only on the VR-1 headset, but also on the applications we use in combination with the headset.

What’s good

The advantage of the VR-1 headset lies in its price, so for it, when it is on sale, you will have to allocate between only 50 to 100 kn, which is very little for this type of technology. The device was not available in Croatia at the time of writing this article.

If you’re interested in VR technology and haven’t had a chance to try anything like this before, the VR-1 headset could be a good opportunity to enter the world of VR because of its affordable price. However, for any more intense spending time in VR, I would recommend purchasing a better quality device for a better experience and greater comfort when it comes to eyes and sharpness of the image.