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Teslasuit – a new level of virtual reality experience

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Although visually impressive and immersive, VR applications and games, i.e. virtual reality generally provides us with a primary visual experience. VR enthusiasts have been fantasizing for some time about simulating the feeling of the virtual world they are in. Whether it’s a friendly hug or a bullet in the chest, simulation of feeling is an idea that, once realized, will take the VR experience to a whole new level. That’s why this seems like the next logical step in the development of VR. This is precisely the goal of the new VR device Teslasuit DK1, the eponymous company TESLASUIT , which is engaged in the development of haptic technologies.

A suit that simulates movements and climatic conditions

TESLASUIT have created a full-body suit that aims to deliver the most immersive VR experience yet. The suit can give various haptic (sensory) feedback to the user in order to achieve the most faithful simulation of the sensations we encounter in the real world. One of the main applications of this suit would be precisely the education and training of individuals for dangerous jobs.

Teslasuit DK1 has 68 haptic points built into it that serve to simulate various physical sensations, from raindrops to intense G-forces felt by pilots of military aircraft. In addition, the suit serves as a motion recorder, allowing tracking of the user’s movements that can be transferred to the application, thus reducing the need to use the controller and allowing a greater level of freedom of movement and more accurate movements in the virtual world. The suit can also simulate climatic conditions, allowing users, for example, to train at elevated temperature, in order to get as close as possible to the conditions that await them in actual fieldwork.

Sensors built into the Teslasuit DK1 can record up to 84 different biometric signals, and the recorded data is saved and can be viewed later. This can come in handy when the results are reviewed at the end of the training, and for advanced diagnostic and analytical purposes.

Tactical partnership

The Teslasuit DK1 suit was created as a result of a collaboration between social VR platform Somnium Space and TESLASUIT, which was officially announced two weeks ago.

In a recent Medium blog post, Artur Sychov, founder and CEO of Somnium Space stated, “I have no doubt that most of the human population during this decade will start using VR on a daily basis to conduct business meetings, attend concerts, socialize with people, or simply entertain various virtual experiences or other types of events. Indeed, we can see that most of this kind of thing happens within the Somnium metaverse on a daily basis already today.”

Sychov further says: “TESLASUIT brings a new level of immersion to users enabling, for the first time, a physical sense of the virtual world of Somnium Space. We are very excited about this exclusive and strategic partnership with the TESLASUIT team and look forward to working together to push the boundaries of what will be possible in the future.”

To celebrate the partnership, Somnium Space and TESLASUIT have created five exclusive haptic experiences designed to show what experience this new suit can provide.

“We are very excited to work with Somnium Space to offer TESLASUIT technology for high-end VR experiences, thereby providing a deeper immersion with full-body motion capture capability and a range of enhanced haptic experiences,” said Sergei Nossoff, founder and CEO of VR Electronics LTD, the company that created TESLASUIT.

Nossoff further talks about how the company focused on creating VR/AR/MR training solutions for businesses and government organizations, but says, “Our dream is to enable every VR user to use this amazing technology on a daily basis and greatly enhance their virtual experience.”

Who is the Teslasuit DK1 for?

Teslasuit has the ability to provide quality simulations intended for business or sports training, advanced entertainment such as virtual laser tag, education. One of the more important applications could be in the training of firefighters, rescuers, doctors, the army and the police.

When you need to feel and not just see your VR/AR experience, Teslasuit is the perfect tool for it.

Source: Somnium Space

What is the cost of such an experience?

Teslasuit according to our information is not available for direct sale in Croatia. It can be ordered from the official website and delivery starts from a warehouse in the Netherlands. The price of the base model ranges from $ 8500, which implies a developer kit without biometrics. A suit with all systems, haptic technology, motion sensor and biometrics will cost you $12,999.