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VR Skater on PSVR2: Bringing the Thrills of Skating to VR

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Skateboarding enthusiasts and fans of the iconic Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series have reason to rejoice as VR Skater on PSVR2 is poised to deliver the immersive skateboarding experience they’ve been longing for. The game, developed by DEFICIT and published by Perp Games, seamlessly translates the addictive gameplay loop of Tony Hawk’s into the realm of virtual reality. With its combination of physical movements and precise controls, VR Skater promises to be a thrilling addition to the PSVR2 library.

Many players have fond memories of huddling around a small TV, engaging in intense competitions and sharing laughter while playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater on the PS1. However, the days of shoulder-to-shoulder gaming seem like a distant memory. Thanks to the advent of virtual reality, VR Skater brings back the excitement and camaraderie in a whole new way. The game captures the essence of skateboarding, allowing players to perform tricks, achieve high scores, and immerse themselves in a virtual world reminiscent of early 2000’s skateboard games.

The preview build of VR Skater demonstrates its potential to deliver an authentic skateboarding experience. Although the available content in the build is limited, including a tutorial, two free-roam courses, and a bonus “Mega Ramp,” there’s still plenty to explore and master. The game’s physical demands require players to use their arms to control both the speed of the board and the execution of tricks, mimicking the real-life experience of skateboarding. This aspect adds a level of challenge and immersion, building on muscle memory to become a formidable score-machine.

Visually, VR Skater embraces a simplistic graphical style that evokes the nostalgia of early skateboarding games. While the graphics may not be groundbreaking, they contribute to the overall aesthetic and capture the essence of the genre. Each course is designed with thematic elements, such as docks featuring kick-flips and grinds over shipping containers and old boat parts. These environments provide a variety of challenges and opportunities for players to showcase their skills.

One of the game’s strengths lies in its responsive motion controls on the PSVR2. The accuracy and precision of the controllers enhance the overall gameplay experience. VR Skater’s control scheme feels solid once players become accustomed to the mechanics, ensuring that any mistakes made are a result of user error rather than faulty controls. The learning curve may initially prove steep for newcomers to PSVR2, as the game leans more toward simulation than arcade-style gameplay. However, the satisfaction derived from successfully executing combos and landing tricks makes the journey worthwhile.

While the preview build of VR Skater shows promise, there are areas that require improvement before its anticipated release on June 21st. Minor issues, such as spelling errors in the tutorial text, can be addressed through polishing and bug fixes. Additionally, enhancing the graphical quality and adding more vibrant elements to the levels would heighten the visual appeal of the game. To cater to a wider audience, a simplified control scheme for beginners, potentially utilizing the DualSense controller, could provide a more accessible entry point for casual gamers.

In conclusion, VR Skater on PSVR2 presents an exciting and unique addition to the virtual reality gaming landscape. By capturing the spirit of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, the game offers an immersive and physically engaging experience that appeals to skateboarding enthusiasts and newcomers alike. While there are areas that need refinement, the potential for VR Skater to become a must-have title for PSVR2 owners is undeniable. Step into the world of virtual skateboarding and unleash your inner Tony Hawk without the real-life risks. Keep VR Skater on your radar for a thrilling ride into the realm of virtual skateboarding.