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Habytat: New Revolutionary Mobile Metaverse

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In the ever-evolving landscape of social media and digital experiences, DatChat Inc. has made a significant stride towards revolutionizing the way we interact with the virtual world. With the launch of Habytat, its open mobile metaverse, DatChat aims to bring the metaverse experience to the masses, breaking down barriers and offering a unique platform for users to co-create, socialize, and explore.

Habytat version 1.0 introduces users to the vibrant world of Geniuz City, an artistic haven inspired by Miami’s famed Wynwood arts district. One of the standout features of Habytat is its provision of free NFT deeded properties and houses, allowing users to claim their own virtual space within the metaverse. This move not only provides users with a sense of ownership but also empowers them to customize their properties and immerse themselves in the unique experiences offered by Habytat.

Recognizing the limitations and high costs associated with existing metaverse platforms, Habytat takes a democratized approach to access. By offering a mobile-first experience and eliminating the need for expensive VR headsets or metaverse properties, Habytat paves the way for broader participation. The platform goes beyond accessibility, enhancing the user experience with realistic content, daily rewards, engaging games, and new utilities.

Darin Myman, CEO of DatChat, explains the transformative potential of the metaverse, stating, “The next generation of social media will change how we exchange, store, and control our information. Having the ability to delete or preserve your data will change the current data ownership model in favor of the consumer.” With this vision in mind, Habytat aims to introduce more individuals to the metaverse and enable them to experience its value firsthand.

Habytat’s commitment to continuous innovation is evident in its roadmap. Version 2.0, set to launch in June 2023, promises a full virtual reality experience, AI Pets with an interactive dog park, a Music District, and more exciting features to enhance user immersion and enjoyment.

The official in-world currency of Habytat, the “Nirad,” can be earned through participation on the DatChat Social Network+ or within the Habytat itself. This currency allows users to upgrade their properties and further enrich their experiences in the metaverse.

With its availability as a free download for both iOS and Android devices, Habytat ensures that anyone can join the virtual realm and be part of the digital revolution. Through Habytat, SmarterVerse, a subsidiary of DatChat, is spearheading the democratization of the metaverse, creating a platform where community, business, and life can be co-created in unprecedented ways.

Gianfranco Lopane, President of SmarterVerse, expresses excitement for the future of Habytat, stating, “This is just the beginning of the journey for us. We are very proud of Habytat, but the best is yet to come.” The dedicated team of game developers, graphic artists, and back-end developers has worked tirelessly to bring Habytat 1.0 to life, setting the stage for even more remarkable advancements in the metaverse.

Habytat by SmarterVerse, a subsidiary of DatChat Inc., marks a significant step in the evolution of social media and digital experiences. By lowering the barriers to entry, Habytat enables users to immerse themselves in a world where they can co-create, connect, and explore while retaining control over their data and privacy. With its innovative features and commitment to user empowerment, Habytat is leading the way towards a new era of social media and data ownership.

To embark on your own journey in the Habytat metaverse, visit and join the digital revolution today.

Picture source: Habytat