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Crab Whackers: Update

Budi posrednik između stvarnog i virtualnog – podijeli članak:

In the past, we have released an aritcle about Crab Whackers. In short, it is a dynamic and fast-paced Tower Defense game in VR. It contains fun experiences, lots of funny interactions, unique weapon objects and enemies to be defeated. It contains various types of enemies that will make you change your attack strategy. To read about it more, click here.

We recently reached out to the developer SmallRiceDoug, or Doug in short, in hopes of a follow-up on his developing journey, and we were not dissapointed.

Constant updates

Even though he is but one man currently, Doug keeps pumping out updates to his development status. Over the months, Doug fixed many bugs reported by testers. He also added a bit of personality to his stocking pigeons so they could be easily identified. A previous major addition was a crab pirate ship that would fire its cannons at the player and, sometimes, at its own crabs comrades. In this case, collateral sacrifices are acceptable. Currently, he is working on an intriguing concept of hiring monkeys as mercenaries, adding a unique element to the gameplay. Players would entice these monkeys with bananas, transforming them into kung fu fighters and expanding the combat dynamics of the game.

Forming a team

Last time we spoke to him, SmallRiceDoug mentioned that he was trying to add some new memebers and wanted to create a developing team where they could collectively work on the game. Recognizing the importance of a polished game, Doug expresses his intention to hire more people to enhance the overall quality. He shares his ongoing conversations with a potential QA tester and the interest shown by a few individuals. However, Doug acknowledges the challenges of finding committed team members, as some individuals express interest initially but fail to follow through. Building a dedicated team remains crucial to ensuring the game’s success and continued development.

New mini-game

Doug has just recently released a new mini game called Roast. Your objective is to place marshmallows mallows on the campfire and roast them! By placing the marshmallow on the fire for longer you will earn more gooey points but beware it will give your enemies a chance to destroy your mallow ! Once roasted you must combine your marshmallow mallow with a gram and chocolate card to complete a smore. The player with the most gooey points at the end wins!

Releasing the Game Officially

Last time we spoke to Doug, we asked about a potential official release on popular platforms like Meta/Steam. Doug shares his hesitation, explaining that limited player feedback on the later levels and various enemy variations necessitates further refinement. Doug prioritizes gaining confidence in the game’s quality and generating more interest before making an official release.

Despite the challenges faced by Doug on his game development journey, his passion and commitment shine through.

 So far, that is all. We are delighted to know that Doug hasnt given up on the game and is still taking it very seriously. We cant wait for the next update. To join Crab Whackers official Discord server, click here and share your ideas and thoughts on the game.