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Pico 4 vr headset release date confirmed

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Pico Interactive, a manufacturer of VR headsets, last week announced their new, standalone VR headset – Pico 4.
Let's remember, Pico presented their Pico Neo 3 – VR hedset primarily intended for VR enthusiasts in Europe in April this year. Now, after just over 5 months, they are releasing Pico 4 on the market. Many consider this hedset to be a quality and direct competition to the popular Metina Quest 2 headset.
The pico 4 headset is a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chipset. The same chipset is used by Meta Quest 2, Pico Neo 3, Vive Focus 3 and many other standalone VR headsets.

Image source: Pico

How much will Pico 4 cost?

As it stands, you will be able to get Pico 4 in two variants. The variant with a place of 128 gb will come 429 € (about 3230 kn) while the one with more seats, 256 gb, will cost 499 € (about 3760 kn). You will be able to pre-order Pico 4 from this October. There is also a possibility that customers who have purchased Neo 3 Link will be able to pre-order Pico 4 as early as this week.

When will Pico 4 become available?

Pico 4 is scheduled to launch on The 18th. 10. 2022. The device will first become available in Europe, then in Japan and South Korea. Pico Interactive also plans to launch its new device in Singapore and Malaysia later this year.
Interestingly, for now, Pico seems to intend to stay away from the U.S. market. Probably because they believe that Meta dominates the U.S. market for now and believe that taking a place in the European market may open the way to the American market in the future.