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FitXR Partners with Olympic Champion for Immersive VR Boxing Program

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FitXR, the leading virtual reality fitness app in the metaverse, has launched an exciting new training program in collaboration with two-time Olympic gold medalist Nicola Adams. The program, titled “Box Like a Pro,” aims to help users achieve their fitness goals through a series of dynamic and approachable workouts.

FitXR’s latest offering solidifies its commitment to delivering high-quality content to subscribers while expanding its range of virtual reality fitness options. The Box Like a Pro program is designed to cater to users at beginner and intermediate levels, offering them the opportunity to immerse themselves in a virtual boxing world guided by Nicola Adams herself. By building on fundamental boxing techniques such as stances, punches, combinations, and defense, users can enhance their power and speed with confidence.

Lisa Raggiri, Chief Marketing Officer at FitXR, expressed the company’s dedication to creating accessible training programs that empower individuals on their fitness journeys. Raggiri stated, “Training programs can be intimidating and overwhelming, but together with Nicola, we were able to create a professional box training program that is achievable whether you are a beginner, new to the Box studio, or are more advanced and looking to improve your technique or speed.”

Subscribers of the program gain access to interactive videos that delve into the principles of boxing, each lasting between ten to fifteen minutes. The gamified nature of the program makes fitness goals more attainable and enjoyable. By completing the training program, subscribers can expect noticeable improvements in their form, technique, speed, power, and consistency.

Nicola Adams, a FitXR trainer and two-time Olympic gold medalist, shared her excitement about blending gaming and fitness to inspire others to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle. Having started boxing at a young age, Adams understands the transformative power of the sport and hopes that users will emerge from the program feeling stronger and more energized, both mentally and physically. Adams also praised FitXR for its commitment to providing an elevated and inclusive fitness experience for all.

The launch of instructor-led training programs represents a significant milestone for FitXR as it strives to build the most immersive virtual fitness club experience tailored to the preferences of its community members. The company aims to make fitness more accessible and enjoyable, empowering individual users to feel confident in their wellness journey by providing guided development and improvement of the necessary skill sets at their own pace.

Kelly Cosentino, Director of Fitness at FitXR, expressed her enthusiasm for the launch of the training programs, emphasizing the benefits of structured and progressive workouts. She stated, “Programs give our users structured and progressive workouts that keep them accountable and deliver real results. Nothing is more satisfying than checking off each class and feeling yourself getting stronger with each workout.”

FitXR continues to revolutionize the fitness industry by merging immersive virtual reality technology with expert-designed total body workouts. With five distinct workout studios—Box, Dance, HIIT, Sculpt, and Combat—FitXR offers a truly engaging, multiplayer experience accompanied by constantly refreshed classes, environments, and music.

FitXR’s VR fitness app is currently available on Meta Quest 2, allowing users to experience the future of fitness in the comfort of their own homes.

In collaboration with Olympic champion Nicola Adams, FitXR has introduced a groundbreaking virtual reality boxing training program, revolutionizing fitness in the metaverse. The program, titled “Box Like a Pro,” offers users of all skill levels an immersive experience, enhancing their boxing techniques and overall fitness.