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INTERVIEW / Hold the virtual reality rifle: VR 571CK

Budi posrednik između stvarnog i virtualnog – podijeli članak:

In short, 571CK is a special vr hedset add-on that allows users who play FPS shooters to get the deepest possible immersion in the game. The 571CK is an external accessory to which one of its controllers would connect and, after connecting, would act as a separate controller. It contains all the buttons and buttons they would find on a regular controller, but they are ergonomicly located to match the design of the controller.

The product is currently under construction, but we were among the first to get more information and an interview with innovator Janis Andersons.

How would you briefly describe your product and where did the idea come from?

The 571CK is the first weapon of its kind for virtual reality. The idea came to mind years ago, but it really stuck when I first played Doom VFR. The idea of playing Doom in VR blew my mind so much at first, but when I started playing, the experience disappointed me. Holding a huge rifle with a controller was bad, it totally spoiled my experience. In addition to weapons, we have also developed a developers kit and a 571CK1-Verse environment.

Where did the name Stick (571CK) come from? Was it the first choice?

No, the project started as a “Boom stick,” because I love shotguns, so it’s the first one I made.
A character named “Ash” from the movie “Evil Dead” had a shotgun and called it that. To me, he was the coolest guy ever!

I knew the project had to have its own name, so I thought about what the weapon represented.
If you give a child a bat and ask what kind of gun it is, you will never know what the answer will be.
Then the project was called Stick. I wasn’t feeling well and that’s why I renamed it a meta-stick. That, in turn, seemed too long. I turned to steve jobs philosophy because I admire how he does things, I converted to 1337 (Leet) and 571CK was born almost immediately.

How did you come up with the design? How many people are working on the project? Would you mention some partners?

It was a kind of evolutionary process in which new little ideas were implemented and parts of the project rejected because they eventually became obsolete in the process. There was a really puto version of the design. So many shoulder butts, front handrails, triggers, buttons, etc. were tested that I couldn’t count. Two people are working on this right now, me and a friend. We love what we do, so this is easy for us.

How did you achieve the good ergonomics of the 571CK?

I wanted everything to be comfortable to the touch. It’s like an Xbox or PlayStation controller. It primordially fits into your hands. When designing components, I used them for hours to see if they would become irritating or difficult to use. The trigger was my favorite component that I designed so that I feel good when I use it. Due to the ease of use and usefulness, it surprises me that otherwise such controllers do not have it.

Have you experimented with real weapons? If so, what was your experience?

I used some airsoft rifles, which were excellent and I love them. My own airsoft rifle was the M4A1.

What was the most difficult problem you encountered while developing the 571CK?

I had no experience with product design, so that was the biggest hurdle that needed to be overcome. The beginning was very scary, but there is no other way to revive what’s in your head. Learning to create 3D objects was definitely the most challenging and exciting experience, like virtual clay where you can create anything.

Can the 571CK work in AR?

The 571CK can definitely be used in AR. Ar is still in the infantile stage, the same as VR. When relatively accessible hedsets appear, I would like to explore that area as well.

What are your plans for product launch? Looking for partners or starting a crowdfunding campaign?

Currently, we want to introduce the 571CK and the arcade side of the business, B2B. We are in the process of organizing an event where people will compete against each other, for the highest score, using 571CK and win super prizes. At the same time, we will be looking for investors in different areas of funding. Once we have more attention, we will restart the Kickstarter campaign.

Are you looking for partners/workers/volunteers? How can I reach you?

We’re not actively looking for anyone to join, but if there are any weapondesigners or UE4 VR game developers who would like to get involved, they can contact me via LinkedIN.