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Tony Hawk is building the world's largest virtual skate park.

Budi posrednik između stvarnog i virtualnog – podijeli članak:

Tony Hawk has revealed how he plans to build the largest skate park in the metaverse along side with the virtual world of The Sandbox and the NFT platform Autograph. Tony Hawk Land will be a new place in The Sandbox. The site will be classified as “half-virtual property, half amusement park.”

Tony Hawk Land will be built on the Etherium blockchain. Its users will be able to pay with cryptocurrency to gain access to virtual lands that they can later use for monetization by selling various things within the game in the form of NFTs

Autograph will create NFTs that will be based on Tony Hawk and his skateboards, his equipment, his clothes and his brand in general.

“The Sandbox will make these NFTs interoperable in their open metaverse, transforming Autograph’s avatars into 3D voxel versions that will have their own experience-related functionality, providing usefulness and value to their owners,” they say in an official statement.

As a reminder, 3D voxel is a model that is created in the same way as an 8-bit model in old games, only, unlike 8-bit models, where the basic building unit is square (2D), in the voxel model is the basic building unit of cube (3D).

Hawk says, “All my life I’ve been a fan of new technologies – from the first video games and home computers with CGI technology – so I’m so fascinated by metaverse and excited to have the opportunity to bring our culture to the virtual world of The Sandbox.”

The Sandbox has over 300 existing partnerships with various companies and people like Ubisoft, The Walking Dead, Snoop Dogg, Atari and the like.